Michigan-Alabama played on Cowboys Stadium screen

Cowboys Stadium Scoreboard

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NCAA Football ’13 is a sweet game on any screen. Imagine what it’s like on a 2,100-inch high-definition display. The co-hosts of “ESPNU Road Trip” found out Thursday when they played the game on the gaudy video board at Cowboys Stadium, where Michigan and Alabama meet Saturday afternoon. The hosts, Oliver Ali Nejad and Niki Noto, naturally played as Michigan and Alabama.

[LostLettermen.com: Cowboys screen used for NCAA 2K13]

It’s funny to think these guys were paid to do this. Any guesses on the winner? Got to say, it’s a good thing there’s less than 24 hours until we no longer have to consider stuff like this.

[BTN.com: Fitz Toussaint suspended for Alabama game]

On the topic of Saturday, track Week 1 action on our Big Ten scoreboard. Also, throughout the highly anticipated tussle in Arlington, Texas, we’ll provide quarterly updates on our Michigan-Alabama page.

[AP: Michigan-Alabama preview]

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