Did You See This? Gerry DiNardo ... a long time ago

Did You See This? Gerry DiNardo ... a long time ago

Gerry DiNardo

Alyson B. Ryan

Perhaps you saw the picture posted to our BTN Facebook page Thursday. If not, you might want to do yourself a favor and click inside to see a classic photo of BTN analyst Gerry DiNardo. The photo, courtesy of Alyson B. Ryan, is of DiNardo, then a Colorado assistant, taken anywhere from 1982-1990, DiNardo’s tenure in Boulder. See the photo in this post.

Any guesses on the year? Judging from the pants — great school pride, Coach! — and collar, I’d venture it’s closer to 1982 than 1990. Whatever the case, it’s a classic shot.

DiNardo won the 1990 national championship with Colorado before getting his first head coaching gig at Vanderbilt the following season.

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