Red, White & Blue: Fun for your Fourth of July

We’re feeling a little patriotic here at Not only is Wednesday the Fourth of July, but 2012 is an election year. So as you’re probably decked out in your favorite Red, White and Blue ensemble, we thought it would be a good time to ask you to hit the voting booth early. Dive inside this post and cast your vote in our 12 polls for 2012. All are Big Ten-centric, of course. Vote away, and have a safe and enjoyable Fourth.


THE 2012-13 BALLOT:

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Jon on 7/5/2012 @ 6:24pm EDT Said:

Robbie Hummel Played for Purdue, not Minnesota. What a joke.

    Brent Yarina, on 7/5/2012 @ 6:40pm EDT Said:

    Yes, he did. The team names in that poll reflect NBA teams. Minnesota drafted Hummel.

TK on 7/5/2012 @ 7:47pm EDT Said:

And Jon feels smart and educated like a good Purdue grad should! Nice gentle comment Brent!

Jared on 7/5/2012 @ 8:28pm EDT Said:

Burkhead for Heisman!

Rich on 7/6/2012 @ 4:15pm EDT Said:

Fear the winged helmet Rex Burkhead! Bring on the “black shirts”
Michigan is going to turn them into wash rags. Go Blue!

justin on 7/6/2012 @ 10:20pm EDT Said:

Huskers going to walk all over the blue