Did You See This? Dawson windmill dunk

There are few Big Ten players more exciting in the open floor than Michigan State’s Branden Dawson. The freshman doesn’t get a clear lane to the hoop very often, but he makes the most of the opportunity when it presents itself. With his athleticism and repertoire of slams, it’s anyone’s guess what dunk he’ll pick in the open court. Well, the opportunity presented itself in Sunday afternoon’s win at Purdue, and Dawson delighted with a powerful windmill slam. The dunk wasn’t his only highlight, however, as he also posted his third double-double of the season. Watch the windmill slam now.

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Spartytom on 2/19/2012 @ 5:32pm EDT Said:

Back at ya Matt.

ryan eaton on 2/20/2012 @ 5:00pm EDT Said:

that is one heck of a dunk. could be one of the best dunks of the year.