Michigan to wear new jersey in Sugar Bowl

Earlier this season, Michigan wore special uniforms against Notre Dame for the first night game at Michigan Stadium (see the uniform!) and did so again when it played at rival Michigan State (see the uniform!), so it should come as no surprise it will unveil another alternate jersey for the Sugar Bowl. Adidas recently designed several new “Legacy”-type Michigan duds and the Wolverine seniors selected their favorite style (see AnnArbor.com’s story & detailed portrait!), which they will wear next month against Virginia Tech, the school confirmed Tuesday.

Michigan Sugar Bowl Jersey


First impression: I like it. It looks similar to Michigan’s usual road uniform, only there is an “M” on the right chest and shoulder stripes on the shoulders, plus the Sugar Bowl logo, which would be somewhere on the jersey anyway, on the left chest.

Come to think of it, the Wolverines have been all about facelifts, both minor and major, in Brady Hoke’s first season. Also against Notre Dame earlier this year, Michigan added player numbers to its helmets, something Hoke decided to keep for the entire season after the players liked it. They also wore gray facemasks against the Irish and will do the same in the Sugar Bowl, according to a news release, despite the artist rendering.

Michigan plays Virginia Tech in the Allstate Sugar Bowl at 8:30 p.m. ET Jan. 3, 2012. See our entire 2011-12 bowl schedule.

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cary walker on 12/14/2011 @ 2:52pm EDT Said:

those jerseys look real good but i think they need to get a darker color of jersey and make sure they have there last name on the back.oh by the way for as game wise michigan needs to be on there toes cause virginia tech qb is alot like mr robinson of michigan michigan seniors will be excited cause at the rnd of the game the michigan wolverines will have the win prediction michigan 37 virginia tech 17 good luck wolverines i will be watchin my wolverines kickin butt fitz will be the mvp of the game denard will have a hayday on passing yards 300+ over a 100 yards rushin for mr denard lets go blue