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Brackets: Where does your Big Ten team land on updated mocks?

It’s time to take the temperature of the Big Ten’s NCAA hopes with a weekly check of the mock brackets from Jerry Palm of and Joe Lunardi of ESPN. One thing is becoming abundantly clear: The Big Ten is looking like a six-bid league, but keep an eye on Ohio State, Northwestern and Wisconsin. Last week, Palm had five Big Ten teams in his field. This week, he has six, with Michigan joining the fray. No. 2 Iowa vs. No. 15 North Florida, South Region No. 2 Michigan State vs. No. 15 Texas A&M CC, West Region No. 4

Jerry Palm releases 2015 preseason college football bowl projections

When it comes to college football bowl projections, Jerry Palm is one of the best in the business. Palm recently released his preseason bowl and playoff projections for the upcoming 2015 college football season, and he’s a Big Ten believer. “You can see a scenario where Michigan State goes 11-1, beating Oregon and losing only to 13-0 Ohio State, and both the Buckeyes and Spartans make the playoffs,” Palm writes. “That would mean two leagues getting left out.” Again, that is just a potential scenario. Right now, Palm has defending national champion Ohio State in the playoff (Orange Bowl vs.

Bubble teams: Who rises & falls?

The Big Ten is in the final week of the regular season. Teams are battling to enhance their postseason resumes, jockeying for seeding in the Big Ten tourney, which starts March 8 in Indianapolis. And schools also have their eye on the NCAA tourney.  I caught up with NCAA bracketologist Jerry Palm to get his read on where the Big Ten schools sit in his latest bracket projections. Click inside to listen to our conversation this morning. Among other things, we discuss the likelihood of a Big Ten team earning a No. 1 seed, Northwestern’s bubblicious existence and if

Bracketology Talk with Jerry Palm

Just got off the phone with’s Dr. of Bracketology Jerry Palm, as I do each and every week. His latest bracket doesn’t include any Big Ten teams as No. 1 seeds, but there’s still time for that to change. Minnesota and Northwestern still cling to Big Dance hopes, but Palm has only one of those two in his bracket. And see what Palm has to say about Purdue and Illinois, as well as all things Big Ten-oriented in his latest bracket by clicking below to listen to the audio of our conversation.  And you can check out Palm’s latest

What does Palm the bracketologist say this week?

This week’s conversation with bracketologist Jerry Palm offers some revealing insights. Among them: He has no Big Ten team as a No. 1 seed. And he thinks there’s a chance that won’t change come Selection Sunday. Click here and have a listen. And click here to check out Palm’s work at Listen to the audio of this week’s phone conversation:

Listen to Our Latest Q&A with Jerry Palm

How many Big Ten teams does Jerry Palm have in the Big Dance? Click inside to listen to my latest phone conversations with NCAA bracket guru Jerry Palm (full audio archive over here) to find out the answer to that question and others. But know this: Palm’s current bracket features zero No. 1 seeds from the Big Ten. That’s right, Brutus. You aren’t a No. 1 seed—at least for now. Palm is the resident Dr. of Bracketology for You can find his latest NCAA projected field right here. Listen to our conversation:

Dienhart: Q&A with CBS Sports bracketologist Palm

Once again, I caught up with bracketologiest extraordinaire Jerry Palm for our weekly talk about all things Big Ten and NCAA tournament related. Listen to our conversation in this post. How many Big Ten teams does Palm have in the Big Dance? Are there any No. 1 seeds? I also asked Palm for  his mid-season Big Ten player of the year, coach of the year and freshman of the year. Palm is the resident Bracketologiest for Check out his work at Listen to our phone conversation here: Tom Dienhart, a senior writer for, chats with Jerry Palm

Dienhart: Q&A with CBS Sports bracketologist Palm

I caught up with Jerry Palm today to discuss the Big Ten and the NCAA field. Palm thinks the Big Ten still is in line to get nine bids to the Big Dance—with Iowa, Nebraska and Penn State left out. But he thinks Purdue is in peril of falling from the field. And, yes, Northwestern fans: Palm still has the Wildcats in the NCAA tourney despite their recent struggles. Another interesting note from our conversation: As of now, Palm doesn’t think the Big Ten has a No. 1 seed—and it may not come Selection Sunday, either. For details on that

Dienhart: Q&A with CBS Sports bracketologist Palm

Each week, I visit with our friend bracketologist Jerry Palm about how the Big Ten looks in his NCAA projections. This week, Palm has nine Big Ten teams in the Big Dance. That’s three-quarters of the conference, but no Big Ten teams are projected as No. 1 seeds. There’s lots of basketball to be played, of course, and the Big Ten is a strong league that figures to be well-represented. Click down into this post to listen to my conversation with Palm. And remember: You can go to to check out Jerry’s updated bracket projections each week. Listen

Dienhart: Q&A with CBS Sports bracketologist Palm

Eight NCAA bids. That’s how many Big Ten teams CBS Sports bracketologist Jerry Palm has in the NCAA tournament. Of course, there’s still a lot of time left in the season until March Madness unfolds, and schools will be working madly to enhance their resumes. Between then and now, I will talk to Palm each Wednesday and upload the phone conversation right here. This week we discussed the Illini’s big win over Ohio State, the upcoming Indiana vs. Ohio State tilt, and how many No. 1 seeds the Big Ten theoretically has right now. You can subscribe to podcasts like