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Think you can get on TV and win The Belt? Submit videos to BTN Live

For the past five years Gerry DiNardo and Howard Griffith have battled each Saturday for the right to wear “The Belt,” the reward for picking the most winning games on BTN's "Big Ten Football Pregame Show." Now you can get involved, and even raise “The Belt” victoriously yourself.

Dave, Gerry and Howard Hit the Road for Michigan vs. Northwestern

Northwestern is down by four, and with 20 seconds remaining in the game, Wildcat quarterback Zak Kustok throws an 11-yard pass to wide receiver Sam Simmons for a touchdown.  That touchdown earned Northwestern a 54-51 victory over Michigan, an exciting finish to game with a combined 105 points scoring and 1,189 yards in total offense. Fast forward 11 years, Michigan and Northwestern meet again at a packed Ryan Field and while the desire to win remains the same, much has changed.  This time around the game will be played in primetime on BTN and the conference has been split into two divisions.

Breakdown: Send in Nominations

Each Monday on Big Ten Breakdown at 7 p.m. ET our football experts Howard Griffith and Chris Martin select their stars from the past weekend of football. Martin’s choice is named “On the Corner” while Griffith’s chooses one “Howard’s Hero.” Now it’s time for you to nominate your own Big Ten player of the week, and be sure to back up your nomination with Big Ten stats. Griffith and Martin will review the nominees and then reveal their own choices on the show. If you state your case eloquently enough, it might make the TV show. You can also tweet