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BTN LiveBIG: Iowa, Buddy Lazier team up to see impact

Today is Iowa Day on BTN, and this special report detailing the personal decision of Buddy Lazier to raise awareness for a unique cause in this year’s Indianapolis 500 will air at 10 AM and 10 PM. On Memorial Day, you may have noticed a car racing around Indianapolis Motor Speedway with a new sponsor. Buddy Lazier competed in his 18th Indianapolis 500 in May, but his number 91 car had a new look: the logo of the University of Iowa Stephen A. Wynn Institute for Vision Research was clearly visible. Jacqueline, Lazier’s daughter, was born with a rare eye disorder known as

BTN LiveBIG: Monday Download

On Memorial Day,1996 Indianapolis 500 champion Buddy Lazier competed in the Indy 500 in a car bearing the logo of the Stephen A. Wynn Institute for Vision Research. A team at the University of Nebraska recently awarded $1.9 million to develop a new approach to an HIV vaccine. The Veterinary Practice Management Program (VPMP) at Purdue announced plans to celebrate their 25th anniversary in September. A generous philanthropist has committed $7 million to Penn State  to benefit students from the Philadelphia area. Finally, a $30 million joint initiative between the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the U.S. Department of Defense was announced last week.