Did you like Jordan Westerkamp's catch? Send us your reenactments!

B1G HIGHLIGHT - Jordan Westerkamp makes remarkable behind-the-back catch near sideline.

First, there was #westerkatch, the unforgettable 2013 last-second Hail Mary catch by Jordan Westerkamp. Then, there was #westerkamping, the meme honoring Westerkamp’s behind-the-back catch in the video above. Now, we’re starting #backcatch.

What is it? It’s our hashtag that we want Nebraska fans to use to send us videos of them catching anything behind their back. It’s simple, really. Film yourself doing your best “Westerkamp,” preferably in Nebraska gear, and post it to Twitter, Instagram or Vine using #backcatch.

We’ll post all of our favorite ones.

Don’t remember #westerkatch? Here you go!

B1G HIGHLIGHT - Jordan Westerkamp hauls in game-winner on final play vs. Northwestern.


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Tommy on 8/31/2014 @ 1:07pm EDT Said:

Wow!!! Just, Wow! #westerclamp

Mary O. on 8/31/2014 @ 4:18pm EDT Said:

How many receivers would have even THOUGHT to try catching behind their backs? Talent is one thing. Foresight, another. This star has both. And watch out BIG 10 defensive backfields… he’s ONLY a SOPHOMORE!!! : ) GO HUSKERS!!!