Photos: Big Ten football Jell-O molds

What does every Big Ten football tailgate need? A school-themed Jell-O mold, of course. The people over at Jell-O have added 16 schools to their “University Mold Kits” line, which includes Big Ten members Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and Wisconsin.

This is sports marketing at its finest and it makes for a great treat for your Saturday tailgate.

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Here is a look at the available Big Ten molds and their flavors.

Team allegiance aside, which flavor sounds the best?

Now, we ask, when are the other nine Big Ten teams going to be added to the mix?

Move over, chips and dip!


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Chris Foster on 8/5/2014 @ 5:09pm EDT Said:

I wonder when the Jigglers mold for the Terps will be out as well as the other Big Ten schools.

todd on 8/5/2014 @ 9:38pm EDT Said:

Where do we get them?

Paul Roberts on 8/5/2014 @ 9:40pm EDT Said:

Wisconsin and Ohio State both share strawberry? I hope IU gets cherry.

Nate on 8/5/2014 @ 9:47pm EDT Said:

No link to buy?

Chris on 8/5/2014 @ 9:55pm EDT Said:

Of course Indiana doesn’t participate. As John Candy said, “We would have a better chance playing pick-up sticks with our butt cheeks” than seeing Indiana license many products.

cinks20 on 8/5/2014 @ 9:57pm EDT Said:

Indiana would be the last to allow a license to this. They control their licensing more than any school I know.

Cheryl on 8/5/2014 @ 10:16pm EDT Said:

Where is Nebraska?

catherine wideman on 8/5/2014 @ 11:34pm EDT Said:

when is nebraskas coming out

Justin Worley on 8/6/2014 @ 12:02am EDT Said:

Make one for PSU!!

Gary on 8/6/2014 @ 12:08am EDT Said:

This is sure OLD NEWS!!!!! I have had my Michigan Jello mold kit for almost a year now.

Beverly Parran on 8/6/2014 @ 12:44am EDT Said:

Where can I buy these?

KT HitesLareau on 8/6/2014 @ 7:57am EDT Said:

Nobody is actually happy with the Terrapins being in the B1G so I doubt they’ll have this kind of merch any time soon…

Memily on 8/6/2014 @ 10:31am EDT Said:

Here’s a link to buy…

Darin Hood on 8/6/2014 @ 12:22pm EDT Said:

Michigan and Ohio State’s molds are boring. Go Hawks!

Traci Rhoades Haffke on 8/6/2014 @ 1:01pm EDT Said:

Where’s Nebraska????

Georgette Wilson on 8/6/2014 @ 6:55pm EDT Said:

We need LSU Mold… PLEASE

Debbie Ebert on 8/7/2014 @ 12:00am EDT Said:

Where can you buy them???

Judy Martin on 8/7/2014 @ 12:52pm EDT Said:

We want Nebraska!

justin on 8/11/2014 @ 11:03pm EDT Said:


Tracy on 8/23/2014 @ 4:04pm EDT Said: