B1G Player Survey: Best player, best venue & more

How often do some of the best players from all 14 Big Ten teams gather under one roof? Once a year, at the annual Big Ten media days. To take advantage of the opportunity, we conducted a Big Ten poll that asked one player from every team the same five questions. Who’s the preseason Big Ten favorite? What’s the toughest road venue? See all the results in this post.

Editor’s note: Player responses were anonymous, and they could not use their teammates/stadium/coach/uniform in answers.

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8: Ohio State
4: Michigan State
1: Iowa, Minnesota

Quote on Buckeyes: “They’re a good team that’s championship caliber.”

6: Ohio Stadium
3: Spartan Stadium
2: Michigan Stadium, Beaver Stadium
1: Memorial Stadium (Nebraska)

Quote on Ohio Stadium: “Extremely loud place. It’s built up, not out. That student section in the corner will get to you.”

5: Mark Dantonio, Michigan State
4: Urban Meyer, Ohio State
2: James Franklin, Penn State
1: Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern; Brady Hoke, Michigan; Bo Pelini, Nebraska

Quote on Dantonio: “He’s a defensive-minded coach that seems like a great leader.”

4: Ohio State
3: Michigan State
2: Michigan
1: Indiana, Maryland, Nebraska, Penn State, Rutgers

Quote on Ohio State uniform: “I like their Nike Pro Combat Uniforms. They’re nice and fresh.”

9: Braxton Miller, Ohio State
1: Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska; Blake Countess, Michigan; Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin; Brandon Scherff, Iowa; Blake Countess,

Quote on Miller: “Big name guy that has some accolades. Fast, dual-threat quarterback.”

— Jordan Goltz, BTN.com


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Big Ten Fan on 7/30/2014 @ 7:13am EDT Said:

Preseason Big Ten favorite – Michigan State

Toughest Big Ten venue – Beaver Stadium (This one isn’t even a question. Everyone knows Penn State is the toughest place to play)

Best Big Ten uniform – Penn State

Big Ten’s top player – Shalique Calhoun (The best defensive player in the country, maybe the best overall, Christian HAckenberg is number 2)

Joe DeAloia on 7/30/2014 @ 11:50am EDT Said:

As much as we get slammed in most posts, I am surprised that our Buckeys finished so well in this poll! There are a lot of games to play and a lot of work to do to live up to this much respect! I believe this is our year to come back and take the B1G! Go Bucks!

Chaz on 7/30/2014 @ 12:12pm EDT Said:

Big Ten Fan, Have you even been to a Big Ten game? You seem to be a total homer for PSU. I have been to all but two Big Ten stadiums including Beaver. I have no skin in the game being a Cornell grad. I find Ohio State as the toughest venue with Wisconsin a close second. Beaver is good as well but not the top one. As far as uniforms, Penn State’s look like practice uniforms but in the end, who cares? This is football, not a fashion show. As far as pre season favorites, I think there are about four teams that have a shot.

Julio on 7/30/2014 @ 12:15pm EDT Said:

Ten current Big Ten players disagree with you that Beaver Stadium is the toughest place to play. And they probably have actual experience playing there.

Gurndogg on 7/31/2014 @ 12:49pm EDT Said:

I do think Happy Valley is a tough place to play & Ohio Stad. too but I think Wis. is the toughest. I think Miller is the best player but there are many that are close as well. Coach
you’d play for I think Meyer is a great pick but my money is on Dantonio. Best uni. even tho I’m biased to OSU’s I also like the PSU as they are historic (never changed much) but I hate this pick but UM’s has to be probably No#1. For last I pick BIG favorite has to be MSU untill
someone beats them a very super close 2nd is The Ohio State University. GO BUCK’s!!!!

Aaron K on 7/31/2014 @ 1:20pm EDT Said:

Toughest places to play in no order are Camp Randall, Ohio Stadium and Kinnick
Pre-Season favorites are pretty obvious….East: MSU and OSU and West: Wisco and Neb.
Top Players: Braxton Miller, Melvin Gordon, and Randy Gregory
Uniforms: I kind of like Purdue’s
Best coaches to play for: Pat Fitzgerald and James Franklin

revrn2 on 7/31/2014 @ 3:25pm EDT Said:

Gardner will be the top player this year, Mich makes a comeback. Beats both mswho and ohio on the road.

revrn2 on 7/31/2014 @ 3:27pm EDT Said:

Best uniform is easily Michigan, Top player will be Gardner or Funchess. .

Ben on 8/1/2014 @ 5:02am EDT Said:

The fact that anyone considers the MSU uniform even close to being good is laughable.

Mike on 8/3/2014 @ 12:13pm EDT Said:

Michigan’s uniforms the best? Not really, unless you went to Michigan. Gardner? Doubtful. Funchess? Very much in the conversation.

Take of the blue and yellow (yeah, Maize is yellow) colored glasses. Michigan has a rich history and tradition, but that doesn’t equal favorite status or best players. Unless you’re Jim Delany or a Michigan grad.