Nebraska fans ranked nation's most loyal

Nebraska Fans

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Which college football team has the most loyal fan base? According to a recent ranking, it’s Nebraska, the team with a sellout streak that dates to the Kennedy administration. Three other Big Ten fan bases made the cut: Ohio State (No. 3), Michigan (No. 6) and Penn State (No. 9).

The site reached its top 15 by taking “a look at every college football fan base with the intent of determining which is the most loyal, year in and year out.”

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1. Nebraska

“Nebraska has not challenged for a national championship in over a decade, but its fans base is still by far the most loyal in the country. The Cornhuskers have sold out a 91,000-seat stadium 333 straight times – an absurd number – dating back to 1962. Nebraska fans don’t take a Saturday off – even if the team is playing on the road.”

3. Ohio State

“If you either attended Ohio State or grew up anywhere near Columbus, you know that it’s virtually impossible not to be a diehard Buckeyes fan. Between the ridiculous on-field success, the impressive school traditions and the program’s recent dominance of Michigan, there hasn’t been much to complain about – well, other than how 2013 ended. Ohio State has cemented itself as the team that draws the second-highest number of fans per contest every year- behind only Michigan, because its stadium, nicknamed The Horseshoe, just isn’t quite as large.”

6. Michigan

“Surprised the Wolverines aren’t higher? Sure, Michigan boasts the highest attendance (over 112,000) per home game, year over year. But as we saw this offseason, the school is having a hard time selling student tickets for a number of reasons – mostly related to logistical decisions the school has made. Regardless, Michigan fans are among the most prevalent in the nation. There are a ton of them. They travel well. And they’ll always remind you that their program has the most wins in college football history.”

9. Penn State

“There aren’t many college football programs that could survive something like the Jerry Sandusky scandal and still remain competitive on the football field. But three years later, Penn State, though still banned from the postseason and under scholarship sanctions, is chugging along. While fans were undoubtedly disgusted with what allegedly occurred on campus, they haven’t let it stop them from rooting for a coaching staff and group of players who had nothing to do with the prior regimes.”


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bob jones on 7/6/2014 @ 6:34pm EDT Said:

There is no place like Nebraska.

Joe Cimijotti on 7/6/2014 @ 7:21pm EDT Said:

I guess they don’t take into account how many Iowa fans follow their team to the bowl games…Go Hawks

Bud on 7/6/2014 @ 7:45pm EDT Said:

Sounds about right, honestly.

Bruce on 7/6/2014 @ 10:48pm EDT Said:

Another factor is how well the fans travel, i.e., bowl & away games. I know Iowa has made it into many bowl games by showing the committees they are willing to go anywhere to follow their team.

drevas2528Dan on 7/7/2014 @ 12:02am EDT Said:

No, my beloved huskers have not been selling out a 91,000 seat Stadium since November of 1962, the Stadium was only recently expanded to 91,000.

Still, I think the ranking is fair.

Arney on 7/7/2014 @ 10:57am EDT Said:

“The Cornhuskers have sold out a 91,000-seat stadium 333 straight times – an absurd number – dating back to 1962.”

This sentence implies that the seating capacity of Memorial Stadium was 91,000 back in 1962. Here is some free editing: The Cornhuskers have sold out Memorial Stadium 333 straight times – an absurd number – dating back to 1962.

maryam on 7/7/2014 @ 12:26pm EDT Said:

Realistically, what else is there to do in Nebraska concerning bigtime sports?
They have no professional teams, they are horrible historically in basketball so college football is their only enjoyment of the major sports.
If you look at Ohio State, unless the Cincinnati Reds win, pro sports in Ohio have not been great so football is their thing. No pro titles in the state since 1990.
Ohio State is competitive in basketball (no titles since 1960) and they have a great fan base.
Look at Penn State, football is great and either they have good pro teams with the Steelers or the Philly teams. Penn State is horrible in basketball (unless you count the ladies).
Since 1980, the state with two major cities has produced 5 pro championship teams.
All three of those schools are the big program in their state.
Now look at Michigan.
They share the state with another major program (Michigan State).
They have four pro teams and had a WNBA team and four of those franchises were either champions or mini dynasties in their sports.
Since 1984, the Detroit teams have won 11 titles in MLB (1), NBA (3), NHL (4) and WNBA (3).
Then look at Michigan and MSU-both are competitive in basketball, hockey, football while sharing the pro teams. Since 1979, MSU and Michigan have won 3 national titles in basketball, 4 in hockey and Michigan won the 1997 football title and was voted champions in 1985 with Oklahoma and Florida (unclaimed).
So for Michigan to be 6th nationally considering the success they’ve had in other sports and the fans interest in their pro teams shows the difference between the other schools.
So Nebraska should rank higher since they are the show in their state.
If Michigan has a key game in October and the Detroit Tigers are competing for a World Series title the same day, chances are the Tigers get the fans attention more.

maryam on 7/7/2014 @ 12:37pm EDT Said:

Count all the years several Michigan teams were competing for titles in difference sports.
1964-Rose Bowl champions, voted national champs in football (unclaimed) with Arkansas, Alabama and Notre Dame while being a Final Four team and NCAA runnerup in 1965.
Also won NCAA hockey title that year, two years after national title in baseball.
1976-Rose Bowl team and NCAA runnerup in basketball.
1985-Voted national champs in football (unclaimed) and No.1 ranked basketball team and Big 10 champs.
1986-Big 10 outright basketball champs and Rose Bowl team.
1989-NCAA basketball champs and Rose Bowl champs.
1992-Rose Bowl team and NCAA basketball runnerups.
1993-Rose Bowl champs and NCAA basketball runnerups.
1996-NCAA hockey champs.
1997-NIT champs and football champs.
1998-hockey champs and Big 10 Tournament champs.
2004-NIT champs and Rose Bowl team.
Ohio State had the same type success in the 1960s and 2007.
Nebraska nor Penn State cannot say the same thing ever in football, basketball, baseball or hockey in their histories.
Michigan is the only school nationally with national titles in football, basketball, baseball or hockey then you add softball and the school is competitive in the major sports.

maryam on 7/7/2014 @ 12:54pm EDT Said:

The Big 10 (prior to expansion in 1993) market covers the Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Indianapolis areas where there are sveral pro teams.
Of those markets, the Detroit and Chicago markets are the most sucessfully of the group and each has two major schools, Michigan, MSU, Illinois and Northwestern.
The Milwaukee region has the successful Packers and that’s it.
Cleveland wins nothing period.
Cincinnati hasn’t won since the Reds in 1990.
Minneapolis has the Twins and the WNBA Lynx.
Indianapolis has the Colts and the WNBA Fever.
Chicago has the Bears, Bulls, White Soxs and Black Hawks, all champions in recent times.
Detroit has the Tigers, Pistons, Red wings and formerly the WNBA Shock to entertain their fans.
I still can’t get over a entire state devoting itself to one sport and one team and that’s Nebraska. Fans there cheer for Kansas City teams.

Court on 7/7/2014 @ 4:18pm EDT Said:

Population of Michigan in ’14 – 10.5 million
Population of Nebraska in ’14 – 1.8 million

The dilution of the fan base due to multiple teams to follow doesn’t hold water. You have more teams to follow in Michigan, but many more fans to follow the teams you have.

The point of this article is not the number of fans or championships a team has but the loyalty of the fans of each team. How do the fans follow their team even in down years?

So often people feel that there are no entertainment options in Nebraska other than the Huskers. Believe it or not, Nebraskan’s can and do dine, shop, hunt, fish, camp, vacation etc. They choose to follow the Huskers despite the Callahan years because they are loyal to the team. They travel and take over stadiums because they are loyal to the Huskers. They don’t turn their back on their team and follow the Cheifs or Royals when the Huskers lose a couple of games. They show up and sell out and cheer for their team and applaud the teams that can come to Lincoln and beat the Huskers.

Michigan has a fine tradition and a winning history. Following the Huskers gives all Nebraskans a sense of community that can’t be explained unless it is experienced. It is rather unique and thus the ranking of most loyal fans.

Al davidson on 7/7/2014 @ 5:12pm EDT Said:

So the Michigan fans want to point out that the ONLY thing to do in Nebraska is go to husker games since the great cosmopolitan state of Michigan has so many wonderful options…while i don’t disagree that touring the bombed out ghettos in Detroit is entertainment at it’s finest, I would think adding a comparison of state population between states might balance out the many great options that exist in the paradise that is Michigan. The fact is this article ranks fan loyalty of college teams…that list includes Nebraska, Alabama and probably LSU…then everybody else.

Just never anything that the blind homers will ever concede to another program i guess…please feel free to come view the 1997 Championship Trophy whenever you want.

ThereIsNoPlaceLikeNebraska on 7/7/2014 @ 7:09pm EDT Said:

Nebraska is the most winningest program in college football since 1970. Since we’ve joined the big ten we’ve got michigan’s number 2-1.
Don’t give me that nonsense about “only show in the state.”
Do you realize how hard it is to sell-out a football stadium for 52 consecutive years?
No, you don’t. Because Michigan hasn’t done it, OSU hasn’t done it, and Iowa fans only travel well to bowl games when the hawkeyes actually make it to one.

And in 1997 Scott Frost, Ahmann Green, & Mike Brown and Co. would have destroyed michigan. Ask Peyton Manning, I hear he’s pretty good.

maryam on 7/7/2014 @ 7:24pm EDT Said:

I guess this is how ignorant Nebraska folks respond to facts.
I commented on sports in general, especially football to show why the fans there are loyal yet fools start talking about Detroit ghettos.
I pointed out the difference in fans with the four schools mentioned and how Nebraska, Ohio State and Penn State have a monopoly in their states as the primary major school while Michigan (smaller than MSU) has to share the state with another top school and how without professional teams, college football is their major sport.
Never once did I mention anything other than SPORTS in each area for the schools mentioned.
But this is what happens when sensistive rednecks read things thw wrong way.
I am disappointed that the Big 10 .com allowed the racists and disrespectful talk when nothing I mentioned was other than sports.

maryam on 7/7/2014 @ 7:27pm EDT Said:

@court, I have no problem what you said because you kept it about sports and I mentioned demographics and fan bases for loyalties for teams in those sreas.
However this @Al Davidson clown started talking about ghettos shows how IMMATURE a jackass one can be.

AttyCPA on 7/7/2014 @ 10:01pm EDT Said:

Nebraska was the only Big Ten team this past season to play in a football bowl game and qualify for the NCAA post-season tournaments in both basketball and baseball – not a one-trick pony any longer.

Tomcat on 7/8/2014 @ 7:57am EDT Said:

You’re forgetting Michigan has Detroit, the biggest cesspool in the nation. Who cares about the other lesser sports.

maryam on 7/8/2014 @ 5:25pm EDT Said:

I see all these idiot Nebraska fans talking about 1997 (needed illegal play to beat average Missouri team) and trying to justify their football standing and their worth.
Yeah, that state really has major schools to give Cornhuskers some competition and all those pro teams.
Please stop bragging about your basketball team because I can go there too and say Michigan stomped Nebraska and gave them their only home loss (in their first ever game there).
Stop being so ignorant Cornhuskers, your football team is the only show in that state period.
You fools are bragging about the big talker Scott Frost, the coward that hid in the female basketball players closet when Lawrence Phillips broke into her room and attacked her.
Yeah, that 1997 Michigan team would have really feared that tough guy.

maryam on 7/8/2014 @ 5:27pm EDT Said:

I guess for vacation I’ll head to Nebraska and shuck some corn while miggling with the Children of the Cornheads.

Richard Barnes on 7/15/2014 @ 2:42am EDT Said:

Fun article, I’m not sure what Maryam is so worked up for? To me the greatest fans don’t belong to any one school. They are the ones that show up and cheer when they know darn well that they are going to end the year with a losing record, but stick it out anyway. The pipsqueak U’s that pull in about 15 thousand fans per week. I was a GB packer fan in the 70’s when we flat out were awful. I remember going to Arrow head stadium and watched as one of only 12 packer fans in the stands. We lost 33-3 and the most humiliating thing about it was that KC was subbing guys like crazy in the 3rd and running dive plays to keep from running up the score. I left feeling proud to have been there for the guys to share in the humiliation and I kept faithful. NU had our down time and I believe we’ve been playing patched up now for about 3 years. This season should be a legit year for Nebraska and I’ll be here just glad to take part in the Huskers rebuild, it’s been tough at times so I’ve earned the smiles I expect to see this season.