Twitter: Tim Miles meets Nebraska fans for lunch

Not only is Tim Miles a great basketball mind, he’s a man of the people. Whether he’s making beat writers’ lives easier with a must-hear soundbite, tweeting at halftime or helping a fan propose to his girlfriend, Miles is easy to respect. Then there’s this: Miles, on Monday, made two Nebraska fans’ day by meeting them for lunch.

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It was all organized on Twitter. The fans, Ethan Hardin (@goinHARDINhere) and Connor Larson (@conlars24), tweeted Miles about the meet-up Sunday night. Miles replied, and the three went back and forth before deciding on a time (1 p.m.) and an exact location (Raising Cane’s in downtown Lincoln).

This isn’t the first time the fans have tried to get Miles out to Cane’s. There’s this, this and this, among other overtures. Clearly, Miles was just waiting to join them on Cinco de Mayo.

Hardin and Larson are even bigger Miles fans now.

Hardin’s wife tweeted, too:


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Chaz on 5/6/2014 @ 11:41am EDT Said:

This guy is amazing. I laughed when he was hired, but I was wrong. He’s a great coach.

DaHook on 5/6/2014 @ 4:15pm EDT Said:

Agree with Chaz. Outstanding individual and Coach!! You should see the Journey episode featuring him and his father. Your will gain even greater respect for him as a person. Great Family man as well.

loriodea on 5/6/2014 @ 6:57pm EDT Said:

I am Ethan’s mother-in-law so of course I am proud but the fact that Coach Miles took time out of his day for these young men makes me even prouder and assures me that Nebraska is a great place to live and is filled with many good people. Keep up the great work Coach Miles and to Ethan and Connor, way to go guys.