Video: Michigan spring game highlights

BTN/BTN2Go aired Michigan’s spring practice Saturday afternoon, and we clipped all the top moments and interviews from Michigan Stadium. Relive all of the top highlights and all of our interviews in this post.

[ MORE: AP: Michigan looks shaky in spring finale ]

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Evelyn on 4/5/2014 @ 4:04pm EDT Said:

I enjoyed watching the Michigan spring game.
Just sharing the correct pronunciation of Appalachian — it is app-uh-la-chun (the La as in “last.”).
I hope to see that season opener against Appalachian State in person, as a Michigan alumna and the parent of an Appalachian student.
Thanks for the great coverage.

Chaz on 4/6/2014 @ 9:30am EDT Said:

Sorry, Evelyn but “Appalachian” is pronounced with a drawl.

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