Jordan Morgan passes out 'Thank Yous' on Twitter

There are few classier acts than Michigan big man Jordan Morgan, who saw his career end with the heart-breaking loss to Kentucky in the Elite Eight in Indianapolis on Sunday. Morgan was a glue-guy whose production in the pivot was a boon for a team that had to play almost the entire season without Mitch McGary. Morgan took to Twitter (@JustJMo) after the loss yesterday to give thanks.

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Willie Erves on 3/31/2014 @ 11:02am EDT Said:

Michigan has a bigger problem in Ann Arbor we need a real coach that understands both ends of the game not just offense? Two yrs at head coach and he has let national championships slip right out of his hands with the best players in college in two yrs? Michigan coaches are good enough to get you there but not good enough to win the big games and i got a feeling football is going to be the same loose to Michigan St and loose to Ohio St and Penn St. This is what we due when it comes to big games and that is not good enough

JBArmor on 3/31/2014 @ 2:02pm EDT Said:

@Willie Erves

You are an idiot. Look where Michigan was in basketball the last 10 seasons before the 2013 Championship appearance. In these last two seasons, Michigan had 59 wins, which is the most in a two-year span of basketball. Your expectations are too high (for basketball).
You may be right about football though (except for football, the offense was the terrible part of the team.

JBArmor on 3/31/2014 @ 2:03pm EDT Said:

* of basketball in Michigan history.

hadley smith on 3/31/2014 @ 6:09pm EDT Said:

you guys are both spot on about the ftb. tm. BH isn’t going to win a B1G champ. as coach of mich. Mark my words on that. And I tend to agree with Willie that Belien is a great coach for mich. But, he really doesn’t teach much about defense and how to score in the paint. If he did that JB, we’d prolly had won a NC. Until he does that though, I just thk we’ll b in the same pos. we’ve been the last 2 yrs.

Great A.D. on 4/1/2014 @ 6:42am EDT Said:

Willie Erves, has to be a lost space alien, a good Michigan fan would never post such a stupid comment! “John Beilein” is the best coach in college basketball.

Great A.D. on 4/1/2014 @ 1:14pm EDT Said:

How blind and stupid are you guys? Michigan had to build upon, and around what was available! Mitch McGary was out, Horford’s not a great option, on offense or defense! All of Michigan’s other big men are in developement! Coach “John Beilein” did an excellent job with the players he had to work with! I hate it when you idiots ignore the facts, and than make comments!