Nebraska's Bo Pelini just wrote a clever tweet

At halftime of Friday’s NCAA Tournament game between Nebraska and Baylor, Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini posted a tweet to Twitter that immediately caught fire. The Huskers trailed 29-16 at halftime in their first round game. Read the tweet in this post.

It’s not the first time Pelini has had some fun on Twitter.

Nebraska basketball coach Tim Miles, who is also active on Twitter, took a different approach. Miles often tweets at halftime of games, and here’s what he posted before the second half Friday.



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John on 3/21/2014 @ 2:02pm EDT Said:

Perish the thought, but does anybody agree with me that Nebraska is getting outplayed? I am sure that no Nebraska fan could ever admit that!! Babies!!!

JohnLikesDudes on 3/21/2014 @ 3:23pm EDT Said:

You’re right John, Nebraska fans are way out of line for complaining when their coach got a technical for trying to tell the refs the shot clock wasn’t on.

Drew on 3/21/2014 @ 3:25pm EDT Said:

Whatever team you follow, John, I hope Karl Hess officiates the rest of their games for the rest of your life. You, too, can experience the joy of technical fouls on your coach for yelling at his own player, a special privilege heretofore enjoyed only by the likes of Rick Pitino.

Gary Obrecht on 3/21/2014 @ 3:32pm EDT Said:

I think Baylor in to TALL and talented for Nebraska to stay with them. Baylor is out playing them in all parts of the game.

Dave on 3/21/2014 @ 3:33pm EDT Said:

Don’t be bitter because Ohio State got bounced first (to a weaker team). There was a CRAZY disparity in fouls called in this game.

Travis on 3/21/2014 @ 3:50pm EDT Said:

Outplayed? Maybe very early in the game… but when you make more baskets then the other team, you shouldn’t lose by double digits. That’s why we left the big 12… a texas team in the state of texas… Heck Miles (the most likable coach in college basketball) gets ejected for wanting them to turn on the shot clock.

Chris on 3/21/2014 @ 4:05pm EDT Said:

John, sure, but that opinion is just as biased as any opinion a Nebraska fan might have. Name calling and ridicule detracts from your argument…

Curt Peterson on 3/21/2014 @ 4:14pm EDT Said:

At least Nebraska didn’t lose to Dayton, NDSU, or Harvard. The Huskers lost to a higher seed with far more tournament history.

Bob Jones on 3/21/2014 @ 7:59pm EDT Said:

Huskers tourney inexperience showed early and Miles getting ejected for trying to tell the refs the shot clock hadn’t started was ridiculous although refs did admit after the game that Miles was right and they and the shot clock operator screwed up. Huskers outplayed but 48 to 14 in free throws is out of line.

ptreilly on 3/22/2014 @ 9:05am EDT Said:

John, I’m a Husker fan who does think Baylor outplayed us. That doesn’t mean I can’t also think that the officiating was atrocious.