Video: Tempers flare in Iowa-Michigan State game

Tempers flared in East Lansing on Thursday night, and it came to a head late in the second half of Michigan State’s 86-76 win over Iowa. Iowa’s Zach McCabe and Michigan State’s Travis Trice got tangled up on an inbound play, and it appeared that McCabe brought Trice to the ground.

The play resulted in a foul on both players –┬ámuch to the displeasure of the Michigan State crowd – and a technical foul on McCabe, who was disqualified for five fouls. Michigan State reserve Russell Byrd was ejected for leaving the designated team bench area.

Did the refs get it right with the double-foul call?

You be the judge.


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theotherbigone on 3/7/2014 @ 8:05am EDT Said:

Looks like Trice initially started it and when he would not let go, McCabe gave him the “what for.” Probably not a good idea. But Trice and Appling played dirty and were all over everyone all night and should have been called several times before that one. Few other teams would have gotten away with what Michigan State did last night. Credit the officials for having the guts to call on both – although not sure what else they could have done.

thomas beschen on 3/7/2014 @ 8:15am EDT Said:

As an iowa fan i was not happy with the way that Mccabe handled himself. very poor sportsmanship. However i was also upset that Michigan state was allowed to not follow the Freedom of Movement Rule in the second half. The were credited by ESPn and dick vitale by playing great defense, when they actually were fouling on every possession for the first 10 minutes of the second half. Had they traveled or double dribbled every time they had the ball would the refs had allowed it? Well why would you allow this rule to be broken possession after possession. As a coach onthe sideline what is your recourse as your ability to play is taken away?

badcall on 3/7/2014 @ 1:21pm EDT Said:

Rotten call. That was 100% McCabe. You can see Trice’s hands safely up like “what is going on here, does anyone see this?” and then he gets thrown to the ground. Should have been a flagrant 2 and an ejection of McCabe! The double foul call was unfounded (at least from that much of the video), and then just giving McCabe a technical foul for that, c’mon. That action was intentional and does not belong in the sport of basketball.

    theotherbigone on 3/7/2014 @ 4:26pm EDT Said:

    Obviously, you did not see the game – Trice at no point had his hands in the air – in fact could not have had his hands in the air because one of them was clearly wrapped around McCabe’s arm. Trice initiated this fight and the officials saw that in the replay. You need to watch the beginning of this, not the end. And I don’t think McCabe tripped Trice on purpose unless he has eyes in the back of his head.

brandt detmers on 3/7/2014 @ 1:27pm EDT Said:

As an MSU fan the referees also allowed Iowa to not follow the Freedom of Movement rule throughout the game also and they let a lot go both ways. However I too would agree that McCabe did show poor sportsmanship even when his assistant coach tried to talk to him about what he had done and he pushed his own coach away. Travis Trice had his arms straight up in the air and McCabe had his locked around Trice’s arm prior to throwing him to the court. I’ve never seen two players get personal fouls after a play for having their arms tangled up. But what McCabe did should have gotten him ejected from the game and was ridiculous. Not just the jerking him to the ground but also sticking his leg out to trip as he went down. But I guess that’s just a normal technical foul when you have a frustrating season.

amandak on 3/7/2014 @ 1:58pm EDT Said:

Looks like McCabe was determined to take out his frustration on the smaller guard. Why else did McCabe keep Trice’s arm hooked in his for so long? Why else did he kick up his leg to make sure Trice hit the floor hard? The guy really needs to grow up — maybe someone could send him a tweet with the name of a good anger management counselor. Oh, wait.

Kim Jones on 3/7/2014 @ 3:37pm EDT Said:

Travis Trice clearly had his arms straight in the air,waiting for McCabe to release it…It is also very clear that McCabe threw Travis to the floor….sticking his foot out….to make sure that he hit hard…..The official’s should have ejected him….and when they didn’t his coach should have……Shame on him for condoning such poor sportsmanship….

lefty on 3/7/2014 @ 4:54pm EDT Said:

what a bunch of cry babies .They were both in the wrong not just M cCabe

Mary on 3/7/2014 @ 6:22pm EDT Said:

With McCabe being so much bigger than Trice he’s lucky that he didn’t hurt Trice more than the cut on the wrist. And to see him walk away like he hadn’t done anything wrong made it that much worse.

Cody on 3/7/2014 @ 9:22pm EDT Said:

I could ge wrong but was he not taken out of the game due to fouls anyway? So your complaints about him not being ejected would be meaningless. Obviously, MSU fans will claim Trice was fine and he looks like he may have been, but simply using the ‘his arms were straight up’ argument is also not an all-encompassing no foul. Continuing into McCabe’s body could always be called a foul, and Trice wasn’t locked into his position. A flagrant 1 could have, maybe should have, been called but flagrant 2s tend to be mainly based around unnecessary contact to the head. Its kind of crazy how a guy in his low-20s can be frustrated, I’m sure he is the only one guilty of that?

    theotherbigone on 3/8/2014 @ 1:33pm EDT Said:

    In any case, no flagrant of any kind could be called because the official had already stopped play before the McCabe/Trice incident. Trice should have kept his hands to himself and none of this would have happened.

Jmac on 3/7/2014 @ 11:04pm EDT Said:

The lifting of the left foot was complete bush league, name the last time you saw that in basketball? Not too late yo suspend McCabe.

What is the deal with some Iowa fans and the hate for MSU? Is it Kevin Pickleman’s knee injury from the 2011 football game or what?

lisac on 3/8/2014 @ 12:30am EDT Said:

Did anyone not see the whole game? McCabe got hit in the face twice in the second half by that same guy and neither of them were called. No he probably shouldn’t have handled it like that but still i would be pissed too.

    theotherbigone on 3/9/2014 @ 1:33am EDT Said:

    Finally someone else who actually saw the game.

crw77 on 3/8/2014 @ 5:12pm EDT Said:

So after watching the tape and talking for 5 minutes, the refs concluded that since it was a dead ball, anything goes. You can grab the smallest guy on the other team and throw him violently to the floor, and that’s okay.

And the Big Ten office has seen it too, and obviously approves that since they haven’t done anything about it either.

A technical foul is what you get if you swear at a ref. If McCabe was a HS quarterback in Detroit, he’d be facing felony charges for what he did.

crw77 on 3/8/2014 @ 5:49pm EDT Said:

I also don’t understand why Byrd was ejected.

NCAA Rule Section 14 Article 2.d. says you get automatically ejected for leaving the bench during a fight.

14.2.c. says you get ejected for being in a fight.

But 14.1.a. Says that being ejected means you have to leave the bench. Since neither McCabe nor Trice were sent to the locker room, I conclude there was no fight.

So why was Byrd ejected?

theotherbigone on 3/9/2014 @ 1:28am EDT Said:

Maybe you should not be commenting on a game you obviously did not see. Trice may be small but he is a bully and started the fiasco by grabbing McCabe and refusing to let go, even as McCabe tried to walk away. And you are taking all these rules out of context – kind of like you seeing only the end of the issue between McCabe and Trice and refusing to watch the beginning because it will show you what really happened.

theotherbigone on 3/9/2014 @ 1:31am EDT Said:

And jmac, seriously – you can tell you are another who does not watch BIG 10 BB very often – we have a couple teams in this league and Iowa is not one of them who trip other players quite frequently. Sometimes they get away with it, sometimes they don’t.