Get preliminary seeds for 2014 B1G Wrestling Championships

The Big Ten Conference announced the preliminary seeds for the 2014 Big Ten Wrestling Championships, which are set for March 8-9 on the campus of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wis. Five schools boast at least one top-seeded wrestler, with Penn State leading the way with five.

The pre-seeds, as voted on by the conference’s coaches, rank the top eight wrestlers in five weight classes, along with all 12 starters in five weight classes due to the Big Ten receiving eight or more NCAA Championships qualifier allocations in those classes. Each team enters the championships with a seeded wrestler in the 133-, 157-, 165-, 197- and 285-pound weight classes.

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125 lbs.
1. Nico Megaludis, PSU
2. Jesse Delgado, ILL
3. Cory Clark, IOWA
4. Bradley Taylor, WIS
5. Conor Youtsey, MICH
6. Tim Lambert, NEB
7. Camden Eppert, PUR
8. Nick Roberts, OSU

133 lbs.
1. Tony Ramos, IOWA
2. Tyler Graff, WIS
3. David Thorn, MINN
4. Cashe Quiroga, PUR
5. Zane Richards, ILL
6. Johnni DiJulius, OSU
7. Jimmy Gulibon, PSU
8. Rossi Bruno, MICH
9. Shawn Nagel, NEB
10. Dom Malone, NU
11. Joe Duca, IND
12. Garth Yenter, MSU

141 lbs.
1. Zain Retherford, PSU
2. Logan Stieber, OSU
3. Chris Dardanes, MINN
4. Stephen Dutton, MICH
5. Josh Dziewa, IOWA
6. Steven Rodrigues, ILL
7. Danny Sabatello, PUR
8. Jessie Thielke, WIS

149 lbs.
1. Jake Sueflohn, NEB
2. Nick Dardanes, MINN
3. Jason Tsirtsis, NU
4. Brody Grothus, IOWA
5. Eric Grajales, MICH
6. Ian Paddock, OSU
7. James English, PSU
8. Brandon Nelsen, PUR

157 lbs.
1. Isaac Jordan, WIS
2. James Green, NEB
3. Dylan Ness, MINN
4. Derek St. John, IOWA
5. Dylan Alton, PSU
6. Taylor Walsh, IND
7. Zac Brunson, ILL
8. Brian Murphy, MICH
9. Alex Griffin, PUR
10. Ben Sullivan, NU
11. Randy Languis, OSU
12. Roger Wildmo, MSU

165 lbs.
1. David Taylor, PSU
2. Nick Moore, IOWA
3. Pierce Harger, NU
4. Dan Yates, MICH
5. Jackson Morse, ILL
6. Danny Zilverberg, MINN
7. Ryan LeBlanc, IND
8. Austin Wilson, NEB
9. Pat Robinson, PUR
10. Joe Grandominico, OSU
11. Bobby Nash, MSU
12. Ben Cox, WIS

174 lbs.
1. Robert Kokesh, NEB
2. Matt Brown, PSU
3. Mike Evans, IOWA
4. Logan Storley, MINN
5. Tony Dallago, ILL
6. Mark Martin, OSU
7. Scott Liegel, WIS
8. Collin Zeerip, MICH

184 lbs.
1. Ed Ruth, PSU
2. Kevin Steinhaus, MINN
3. Ethen Lofthouse, IOWA
4. TJ Dudley, NEB
5. Domenic Abounader, MICH
6. Kenny Courts, OSU
7. Jackson Hein, WIS
8. John Rizqallah, MSU

197 lbs.
1. Morgan McIntosh, PSU
2. Nick Heflin, OSU
3. Scott Schiller, MINN
4. Braden Atwood, PUR
5. Nathan Burak, IOWA
6. Mario Gonzalez, ILL
7. Alex Polizzi, NU
8. Timmy McCall, WIS
9. Nick McDiarmid, MSU
10. Caleb Kolb, NEB
11. Chris Heald, MICH
12. Garret Goldman, IND

285 lbs.
1. Adam Coon, MICH
2. Adam Chalfant, IND
3. Mike McMullan, NU
4. Bobby Telford, IOWA
5. Tony Nelson, MINN
6. Mike McClure, MSU
7. Connor Medbery, WIS
8. Jon Gingrich, PSU
9. Collin Jensen, NEB
10. Nick Tavanello, OSU
11. Alex White, PUR
12. Chris Lopez, ILL


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steve on 3/4/2014 @ 11:10am EDT Said:

5 of 10 top seeds to PSU? yeah, I’m sure that’s fair and just.

Mike on 3/4/2014 @ 10:11pm EDT Said:

Which weight class do you have an issue with?

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