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Edwards, Jason M. on 2/21/2014 @ 11:04am EDT Said:

I know everyone ‘expects’ UMich and Mich St. to do well every year, but you cannot give them enough credit for mixing and matching and staying at the top, in light of all the injuries. and, keeping their teams from getting complacent and ‘going through the motions’.

Lee Clevenger on 2/21/2014 @ 12:04pm EDT Said:

I think Miles is an easy call. I credit Izzo for holding his wounded team together, Beilein for his team’s performance despite losing his best player for the season, and a lot of credit to Matta for bringing his team back from the ashes. This league has some great coaches. Ultimately, though, I think Illinois will regret cutting Weber and Minnesota will likewise regret letting Tubby go.

Tom on 2/21/2014 @ 12:05pm EDT Said:

This is a tough decision as there are many worthy candidates for different reasons. Team rejuvenation, overcoming injuries, key upsets. The BIG is a tough conference as they beat -up on themselves. Looking forward to the NCAA and NIT this year to see how this conference fairs.

Jeff W on 2/21/2014 @ 12:09pm EDT Said:

I am reserved in my optimism but I am very pleased with Coach Miles at Neb. Long way to go to reach the team goals but certainly headed in the right direction.

nebrasketball on 2/21/2014 @ 12:13pm EDT Said:

Hard to argue with a coach who has taken a horrible team projected as a last place finisher and has them sitting over .500 in conference and sitting in the middle of the pack. He has a fan base waking up and realistically a small chance at the tourney but even having the chance is insane. Great job coach Miles! Keep the momentum going GBR!!!

Mark Cunneen on 2/21/2014 @ 12:52pm EDT Said:

This is a tough call but if you looked at the front line that Bo Ryan had coming back you would have bet the farm this would be a bad year for them. But as usual, he has them in the hunt. Perhaps he is just overlooked because he does it year after year with less talent than others.

GOHAWKS on 2/21/2014 @ 1:25pm EDT Said:

Fran McCaffery has done an outstanding job bringing Iowa back to National prominence through a patient rebuilding of our program. Leads the BIG in scoring. The Hawkeyes will go deep in the Big Dance. Have to give him BIG Coach of the Year!

serik8 on 2/21/2014 @ 1:44pm EDT Said:

As a Minnesota fan and in response to an earlier comment regarding Minnesota regretting Tubby’s leaving – no way. Pitino has made basketball fun again – both for the players who don’t have to play looking over their shoulders and the fans who are now getting to see a team who hustles every game and plays with energy. Admittedly the Illinois loss hurt, but most of the fans I talk to are way happier with the coaching change. As for Coach of the Year, Beilein gets my vote with McCaffrey (even if he never smiles) and Miles close behind.

Kyle Murray on 2/21/2014 @ 2:12pm EDT Said:

If Iowa wins either a share or the outright title for the 1st time since 1979, then Fran the Man takes it home.

MTnman on 2/21/2014 @ 2:38pm EDT Said:

If Iowa negotiates the final six games (three in five days) to the conference title or even a share of it, Fran McCaffery should be the one. It should be noted that Iowa will play Michigan State at Michigan state. What team has a tougher schedule to close out the season?

Jason Page (@HskrPage) on 2/21/2014 @ 2:47pm EDT Said:

Hands down Tim Miles, his team was picked to finish dead last in the big 10

Luke on 2/21/2014 @ 2:50pm EDT Said:

Fran McCaffrey is the B1G COY, no doubt. He’s had to rebuild a program that was absolutely in shambles and he developed two players into all B1G caliber that basically no one wanted, Marble and White. He has the Hawkeyes one game back for the B1G title and he gets a shot at league leader MSU. Tim Miles has done a great job at Nebraska but their schedule has been far weaker and they have some horrible losses. Iowa hasn’t lost to anyone outside of the Top 20. Iowa is in the top 20 in offense nationally and defense closer to Top 30. Fran McCaffrey, hands down.

HD on 2/21/2014 @ 3:01pm EDT Said:

Well, we know who wins the Bobby Knight freakjob vote….McCaffrey. The guy is more unstable than Bo Pelini.

Dave Norton on 2/21/2014 @ 5:48pm EDT Said:

Fran’s the man, for the several reasons already noted, and with extra emphasis on the ‘quality’ of Iowa’s losses. Other considerations are the road win-loss experience, and successes in the preseason at the Battle for Atlantis. Izzo and Beilein have done an expertly job (as usual) given the adversity faced, but they always start out with benches deep in quality – most can start most anywhere else. Iowa has gradually arisen from the ashes, but it still has taken high quality coaching this year to break-through the way the Hawkeyes did this year – there are no gimme’s just because last year was an improvement over the prior season. It should also be noted that Fran created the 11 man rotation depth with players who had received few accolades to date. Demonstrated coaching excellence includes both improved play as individuals, but even more credit is due because there is no fall-off in quality team play, regardless of who the specific 5 on the floor may be. Kudos indeed to Tim Miles – do it again next year and he will be deserving for the same reasons Fran deserves it this year. Finally, I have to tip my hat to all of the B1G coaches for handling the high-quality parity in the B1G this year. Almost every game this season has truly been a toss-up at tip-off… Did I mention Northwestern and Penn State – truly admirable jobs by coaches and players alike. I hope it all shows through in the big dance…

Greg White on 2/21/2014 @ 6:54pm EDT Said:

Has to be Miles. Nebraska has never had a guy like that. He’s passionate, smart, and it shows, by the way his players carry themselves. Plus, its a football school with very little basketball success.

Dave Dorn on 2/21/2014 @ 8:21pm EDT Said:

Being a Badger fan, who appreciates what Coach Ryan does year in and out, not this year that struggle in the middle of the season cost him his shot, imo. Mich and MSU have more talent than most teams in the country, so that works against them, but Izzo with all the injuries could be deserving. Iowa has done awesome, but still not enough given one bad moment in Madison where Coach Fran sort of lost his composure, which works against him, imo. Had Northwestern continued to surprise Collins would have been a walk away, but with all of the above stated, none of these teams except Northwestern, were expected to finish at or near the bottom of the B10. So from where they were to where they are now, Coach Miles seems like the most logical choice, and I don’t even like Nebraska, lol.

Phil on 2/21/2014 @ 11:07pm EDT Said:

Nebraska was 12-13 in their first 25 games last year (a 3 game difference from 15-10 this year). Sure Nebraska is heading in a better direction but they aren’t there yet. I think all of the other coaches on the list above deserve it more. Izzo because of the injuries they’ve overcome while staying at the top. Beilein because Michigan has stayed near the top of the B1G despite the losing two drafted players and the injury to McGary. When talking about rebuilding jobs, Fran has accomplished 10x more than Miles and has Iowa in a fight for the B1G championship. Despite losing their 3 starters in the front court, Wisconsin was off to their best start in school history under Bo. If I had to pick one for this year, I’d have to go with Fran at this point. I think people’s judgment is clouded after the big win @ MSU for Nebraska. I’d put Miles around Collins this year. Both are doing better than expected, but neither will win B1G coach of the year.

Bundy on 2/22/2014 @ 1:39am EDT Said:

The job McCaffery has done at Iowa may not jump out because the rebuilding he has done has been incremental. You look at the Hawkeyes depth and say that they SHOULD be a B10 contender. But you must also realize that said depth was assembled via shrewd evaluation and tremendous player development. Unlike the Michigan’s, MSU’s, tOSU’s & Indiana’s of the B10, this team was built on blue collar kids who weren’t offered by everybody and his brother. Adam Woodbury is by far the highest rated recruit of the McCaffery era and he was expected to take some developmental time, which he has.

As a Hawkeye fan, I’m anxious to see the impact that the programs success will have on the recruiting trail. What can Fran and his staff do with a roster comprised of multiple Top 100 players instead of just 1 or 2? These next few years could be really fun in Iowa City.

Molly Ginshagen on 2/22/2014 @ 8:09pm EDT Said:

The Iowa coach, no matter what he does with his team, will never win any respect from me.

Adam W on 2/24/2014 @ 3:06am EDT Said:

A lot of rationalizing by certain fan bases here. This is really pretty simple. Nebraska was picked to finish dead last in the conference. They are currently in 5th a half game from 4th place. No other team has outperformed expectations like Nebraska. A lot of great coaches in this conference and certainly a lot can change in the next few weeks but at this point, Miles has to be the clear leader.

Josh on 2/24/2014 @ 3:08am EDT Said:

Beilein for me. He was practically down 3 starters from the previous season (all heavy contributors, over 50% of points and nearly 70% of assists were lost from last season), but they are still at the top of the B1G and still a very good offensive team.

adel on 3/6/2014 @ 10:40pm EDT Said:

Miles should be a lock. It looks like they will be in the dance, and will have a bye in the first round of the Big.