Connie Yori collapses, leaves under own power

There was a scary moment in Nebraska’s 76-61 victory over Indiana on Sunday at Pinnacle Bank Arena. Just after the Huskers tied the score at 50 with 12:12 left in the second half, Nebraska coach Connie Yori collapsed on the sideline. The medical team attended to Yori during the break and brought a stretcher out onto the floor. Luckily, Yori didn’t need the stretcher, as she walked off under her own power next to her husband. She did not return.

Here are some updates on Yori:

And a tweet from Indiana head coach Curt Miller:

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Jon Ruhnke on 2/16/2014 @ 4:10pm EDT Said:

Glad to hear she’s ok.

Bob Jones on 2/16/2014 @ 4:22pm EDT Said:

Another great game by the Huskers and Jordan Hooper, best to Coach Yori, glad to hear she is fine.

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