Photo: Ohio State game program ignores letter 'M'

For Ohio State, when it plays rival Michigan, the letter “M” doesn’t exist. So, it should come as no surprise that in the program for Tuesday night’s Michigan at Ohio State game the letter “M” was ignored. Not only that, it referred to Michigan as “The School Up North.” Check out a photo of it in this post.

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For the record, there was one “M” that Ohio State forgot about. It’s in the “Teams” at the top, and I circled it for you.

Credit to @MichaelPeriatt for original picture of program.


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Larry Fields on 2/11/2014 @ 9:12pm EDT Said:

what about the M in Teams

Noah Weiss on 2/11/2014 @ 9:56pm EDT Said:

I don’t think Urban would take kindly to becoming Urban _eyer. Or did he use that as part of the ploy?

Brandon on 2/11/2014 @ 10:36pm EDT Said:

But Urban Meyer’s name has an “M” in it. (Opps, did I just say “M”)?

WolverineHoosier on 2/12/2014 @ 1:00am EDT Said:

Apparently OSU worried more about the ‘M’ than the ‘W’…

Ben on 2/12/2014 @ 7:02am EDT Said:

Epic fail. How could you leave the M in teaMs.

John Frownfelder on 2/12/2014 @ 11:12am EDT Said:

WHO WON THE GAME !!!! WHO ELSE GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill Kerschbaum on 2/12/2014 @ 12:25pm EDT Said:

There is no M in “Team”! Oh, wait.

45189 Mayo Dr. on 2/12/2014 @ 12:27pm EDT Said:

Both schools are so childish in how they refer to each other. Good sportsmanship starts with respect. They don’t show it too each other, so why should a B1G sports fan show either school respect. Where are the ADs and other administrators? They should be embarassed. How about some charitable event competitions to get some benefit, and respect?

Steven Goldfarb on 2/13/2014 @ 3:58am EDT Said:

Glad to hear they are making an effort to learn the alphabet in Columbus. I think the basketball team managed to bring the M with them for that game. Maybe we can work on arithmetic next game?