President Obama jokes MSU sports fans are 'greedy'

President Barack Obama was on the campus of Michigan State University today to sign into law an agriculture spending bill at MSU’s Equine Performance Center. Midway through his speech, Obama took some time to talk about the Spartans’ recent success on both the football field and the basketball court.

“I’m also here to do some scouting on my brackets,” Obama joked. “I just talked to coach Izzo. Spartans are looking pretty good.”

Obama also spoke about meeting with MSU football coach Mark Dantonio

“You already got a Rose Bowl victory,” Obama said to the Michigan State students. “You guys are…. You’re greedy. You want to win everything.”

It’s certainly a good time to be a Spartan!

Credit The Lansing State Journal for sharing the video.


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CaptainKirk on 2/7/2014 @ 8:45pm EDT Said:

Who isn’t greedy in his eyes?

Jim on 2/7/2014 @ 10:08pm EDT Said:

Hey Barry – what is wrong with wanting to win everything? Must you make everything into class warfare?

Daniel Hiller on 2/7/2014 @ 10:17pm EDT Said:

In the past six years the basketball teams Obama has picked to win it all have not. sorry MSU

marcia on 2/7/2014 @ 10:30pm EDT Said:

Right on – share the wealth

Steve on 2/8/2014 @ 1:38am EDT Said:

Bite me, Barack.

Michael on 2/8/2014 @ 2:05am EDT Said:

Good say Mr President. Go Green

Brian on 2/8/2014 @ 2:08am EDT Said:

I love seeing the Obama haters get fired up over nothing.
Obama back to back 2008/2012!

Tiffany on 2/8/2014 @ 7:04am EDT Said:

Just one more stupid thing that comes out of his mouth!

JJ on 2/8/2014 @ 7:24am EDT Said:

Can’t you keep unnecessary political attacks out of MSU sports. He was just having fun.

Sandra on 2/8/2014 @ 7:33am EDT Said:

Daniel – he never said he picked MSU. Just said he was scouting for his brackets.

Doug on 2/8/2014 @ 9:20am EDT Said:

no need to be sorry Daniel, It’s a great time to be a Spartan fan, keep hating

jerry landry on 2/8/2014 @ 10:05am EDT Said:

MSU doesn’t need BTN or should I say the U/M network!!!!

Myra Elias on 2/8/2014 @ 10:14am EDT Said:

what is the point of competiting ? Of course tthey want to “win it all”

Mama Spark on 2/8/2014 @ 10:15am EDT Said:

Sure why don’t we just redistribute our wins amongst all the losing teams. Jerk!

Jan on 2/8/2014 @ 10:28am EDT Said:

Wow, listen to all your negative comments. Check the facts, MSU has rarely been to a Rosebowl. Be thankful that they were blessed with talent this year, and that they have great, supportive fans. Obama haters are going to find any opportunity to criticism him. Grow up people. You wonder why our world is so negative? Listen to what comes out of your mouths! Go Spartans, happy for your teams, coaches and fans!

Pj on 2/8/2014 @ 10:34am EDT Said:

Is Barry going to sign an executive order banning MSU from participating from any championships,or use the IRS,NSA,EPA,and other Government agencies to intimidate the Spartans because you need to share the wealth.It is not fair to the other schools that you win too much,after all that’s not equality.

Matt on 2/8/2014 @ 12:41pm EDT Said:

I don’t agree with Obama on his policies or direction…….but c’mon. The guy was being tongue-in-cheek. He was joking. He was giving MSU a compliment about their success and he was trying to be funny about it. There was no harm in it. The man follows sports and he wasn’t trying to make any political insinuation/commentary by saying it.

Jill DVORAK on 2/8/2014 @ 3:15pm EDT Said:

Wow! Lighten up folks. It’s refreshing to have a president that acts and speaks like he’s human. Unlike pompous presidents of the past. It was a compliment.

Jim on 2/8/2014 @ 4:19pm EDT Said:

Obama for President 2016!
Go State!

Elias Schulkin on 2/8/2014 @ 5:52pm EDT Said:

Obama seems to be less likely to compromise than ever, and his explanation yesterday was very telling in my opinion:

Kathy Herrick on 2/8/2014 @ 6:58pm EDT Said:

Oh for crying out loud… I can’t believe that people are taking his remarks negatively… He’s just trying to comment to MSU students that they’ve got two great teams this year… Instead people who only see negatives, twist and turn it to try and make an issue out of it. Can we all just lighten up and stop the constant negativity. It is not constructive, does not improve our country, the climate or culture that we all live in, and just leaves everyone with a pervasive bad taste in their mouth. You know he was recognizing the superiority of MSU athletics this year in a tongue in cheek manner. Don’t let negative media take away your good common sense and sense of fair play.

Timbo H on 2/8/2014 @ 8:28pm EDT Said:

I just want a President that can accomplish one important thing, he can be “pompous” all he wants for all I care. Failures aren’t funny!

Kemz on 2/8/2014 @ 11:51pm EDT Said:


Al Pittman on 2/9/2014 @ 1:18pm EDT Said:

I am not a supporter of the “Prez”, but you MSU fans, calm down, look at the video, he was in jest, trying to be funny, I wish he was saying that about the Hoosiers.

Al A on 2/10/2014 @ 11:36am EDT Said:

Someone needs to tell Barry that this isn’t a campaign site. Don’t allow politicians be part of this site. They have already infected the great majority of the networks with their presence. I for one can not stand to see any of them.

Sambad75 on 2/10/2014 @ 12:57pm EDT Said:

He doesn’t know how to pick winners. Look at Obamacare, Benghazi, Fast and Furious and his failure on the pipeline. How would he be expected to know who to support in sports.

LW on 2/10/2014 @ 2:51pm EDT Said:

AI A…Obama didn’t ask BTN to publicize his speech. They did it on their own, because he was joking around about MSU being so successful this year in Bball and Fball. I can’t help but feel all the negative comments on here would have been positive if it had been President Bush saying what was said. Obama has fell short on several different issues as has been expressed on these comments. But, as you said this isn’t a campaign site, so all those negative comments shouldn’t have been expressed on here.

Rob Grane on 2/10/2014 @ 4:25pm EDT Said:

Wow, lost of negative comments on here about Obama. The man was joking and some people get all bent out of shape about it? Says more about them then the president.

rod from Woodbury on 2/10/2014 @ 4:42pm EDT Said:

Only someone a little demented would use this forum to attack the President of the United States. At least respect the institution. Negative comments reflect negatively on Michigan State University. You should be proud that he visited your campus since he is not running for re-election. The President is 2 and 0 and will retire undefeated. As a Badger fan, I am proud of what MSU did in the Rose Bowl. Go Big Ten. In the NCAA BB tournament, I am always pulling for the Spartans unless they are playing Wisconsin.

jimmy smith on 2/10/2014 @ 4:45pm EDT Said:

I am a 1975 MSU grad. I suffered through all those lean sports years while paying OUT-OF-STATE tuition for five and a half years. It was all good. The folks I met in Michigan were all good. It is painful to now read all the negative stuff being heaped on Obama because he made a trongue-in-cheek remark, trying not to be too pompous about his visit. Since you Repubs and “conservatives” have seemingly taken over the State there seems to be little levity available in the State anymore. How SAAAAD!

Rob Grane on 2/10/2014 @ 4:46pm EDT Said:

Hey Jim, do people like you have to make a issue over everything the president says? Apparently, you are oblivious to the FACT he was joking and want to be bitter, miserable in your life. Oh, well, enjoy your misery.

Anne Kohls on 2/10/2014 @ 5:39pm EDT Said:

Greedy – Are any of the Pro-teams greedy with wanting to win additional championships! Well, we don’t want to share the “wealth”. We earned it.

lks311 on 2/11/2014 @ 9:15pm EDT Said:

It’s all in fun, folks. Yes, he’s a politician and yes I know 1/2 of you loathe him, but, personally, I’d rather you reserve your scathing ridicule for the Op Ed pages of your local papers.

That said, it is America—the greatest country in the world, so I will defend your right to Rip on (though, I don’t approve of your bitterness)!