Richard Pitino tosses jacket, draws first technical foul

It was freezing cold outside in Minneapolis on Thursday night, but tempers got red hot inside the Barn during the second half of Minnesota’s upset of No. 11 Ohio State.

Play began to get chippy midway through the second half as Ohio State forward LaQuinton Ross got tied up with Minnesota forward Oto Osenieks. Ross proceeded to shove Osenieks, which led to Minnesota coach Richard Pitino throwing his sport coat into the crowd and being called for his first technical foul as the Gophers’ head coach.

Fans reacted by throwing food and drinks onto the court, as play was stopped temporarily to clean up the mess and sort out the technical fouls.

See how it all went down in the video above.


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Big Bill on 1/17/2014 @ 11:54am EDT Said:

Pitino deserved the technical but the call that sent him over the edge was typical bush league Big 10 basketball officiating. How did the ref not see Ross push Osenieks? Ross had both arms extended. It’s not like he dipped his shoulder into him and Osenieks flopped. How the Big 10 allows this sub-standard officiating year after year after year is mind-boggling.

KC Hawkeye on 1/17/2014 @ 1:03pm EDT Said:

And to make things worse, Big Bill, I believe they reviewed it on a monitor. Amazing.

Ken Hass on 1/20/2014 @ 12:01pm EDT Said:

officiating in tge Big 10 is no different than in the nfl. They have to much control and should be held to a higher standered,
and we ask our children to be honest!!!!!!!!!!