Do we? Don't we? OK, let's do it! Indiana fans storm court

How do fans celebrate their team snapping a 12-game losing streak to a rival and sending said opponent to its first loss of the season? The answer for Indiana fans Tuesday vs. Wisconsin was by storming the court. Kind of. After Indiana held off No. 3 Wisconsin, which entered the game 16-0, the fans didn’t seem to know what to do. The result was a half-hearted court storming.

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That looks like a confused student body. To be fair, evidently, event services told the students to wait until the Badgers left the floor.

Whatever the case, good for Indiana and good for Tom Crean. The Hoosiers needed this win bad.

That said, no one will confuse this court storming with the one following the upset of No. 1 Kentucky in late 2011.


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M McClure on 1/14/2014 @ 9:42pm EDT Said:

Weird to have such a long losing streak to Wisconsin. For the 1950s-2000, Indiana OWNED Wisconsin with long streaks.

Matthew Davis on 1/14/2014 @ 10:01pm EDT Said:

Well event services told us to wait for Wisconsin to leave the court first so we were trying to have some class

Roger Bertram on 1/14/2014 @ 11:31pm EDT Said:

really…IU lost their last 12 against WI. Bo Ryan ownes Tom Crean

OwebamaDOUCHEBAG on 1/15/2014 @ 7:52pm EDT Said:

Roger…go rain on your own parade, Loser. IU won A big game, so KMA, BADger.

Jim Chadwick on 1/15/2014 @ 8:54pm EDT Said:

Tom Crean hasn’t even been there for all those games and was rebuilding a broken program. Bo Ryan owns Wisconsin and that’s all.

Chris (USMC) on 1/17/2014 @ 12:00am EDT Said:

Its nice to see the enthusiasm from the Students but it is also some what childish ! I grew up in Bloomington,My Father was a Professor in the Music Dept, We had season Tickets to Football & Basketball,I started seeing I.U. at the Field House and in 1971/1972 the Assembly Hall with some of I.U.’s best Teams that they ever had under Bob Knight and not one time did anyone ever charge the court for any game Indiana ever won, Maybe the Real difference is those Kids acted more like adults (1) and the other Point is When Your Good and expected to play hard and win you don’t run out and act like you did something unexpected. AND TO RODGER WISCONSIN WITH BO RYAN HAS DONE WHAT ! HOW MANY BIG TEN TITLES DO THEY HAVE,HOW MANY NATIONAL TITLES DO THEY HAVE ! Maybe Rodger you might use that instrument above your Shoulders and research the fact that when Wisconsin can hang 5 National Championship Banners in there Building and win as many games and Big Ten Titles as the Indiana Hoosiers have then you will have room to flap your Gums, and bragging about how Wisconsin beat an Indiana Team that was Decimated and needed to be totally rebuilt from the ground up is nothing to brag about, Thats like saying when Indiana was Indiana we couldn’t beat you,But when Indiana’s Program was torn apart by a Bad Coach and AD, its then When Wisconsin could finally beat Indiana.

P. McClure on 1/18/2014 @ 1:24pm EDT Said:

P. McClure- an IU grad- That stupid coach from UK, who basically doesn’t care if his players are smart enough to graduate, certainly does not like to see IU’s students running onto to the court. Of course that is because the last time he saw it up close and very personal, his bunch of one and dones were the LOSERS. Go Hoosiers!

College basketball today is a joke in many cases because these athletes are only in college to gain exposure so that they can get a big NBA or NFL contract. The NCAA should require that all athletes stay in school at least two years and get some kind of an education. Nineteen year old young BOYS are not mature enough to have the money they have as a professional and travel around the nation and be exposed to the temptations of sex, gambling, drugs, etc. They need time to mature before being turned out into this corrupt world. A lot of them had no father figures while they were growing up and now they are supposed to fend for themselves and make good decisions. NO way.