Spartans land at No. 3 in final polls

The final polls are out, and Michigan State is No. 3 in the AP and Coaches polls – see the full lists here. The results are really no shock. I think the Spartans could have made a case to be ranked as high as No. 2. But, Auburn got that spot, even though the Tigers lost the BCS championship game to Florida State. Had Auburn been blown out by the Seminoles, Michigan State likely could have secured the No. 2 slot.

Coaches’ Rankings
Rankings as of 1/7/2014
Rank School Votes Prev Rank
1 Florida State (14-0) 1475 (59) 1
2 Auburn (12-2) 1388 2
3 Michigan State (13-1) 1375 4
4 South Carolina (11-2) 1219 8
5 Missouri (12-2) 1200 9
6 Oklahoma (11-2) 1189 10
7 Clemson (11-2) 1091 11
8 Alabama (11-2) 1086 3
9 Oregon (11-2) 975 12
10 Ohio State (12-2) 872 6
10 Stanford (11-3) 872 7
12 UCF (12-1) 865 15
13 Baylor (11-2) 796 5
14 LSU (10-3) 719 14
15 Louisville (12-1) 703 16
16 UCLA (10-3) 597 18
17 Oklahoma State (10-3) 587 13
18 Texas A&M (9-4) 443 21
19 USC (10-4) 313 NR
20 Arizona State (10-4) 302 17
21 Wisconsin (9-4) 266 19
22 Duke (10-4) 202 21
23 Vanderbilt (9-4) 180 NR
24 Notre Dame (9-4) 125 NR
25 Nebraska (9-4) 123 NR

The Spartans have a very good resume, winning all of their Big Ten games by double-digits. Then, they knocked off a top-five ranked Stanford team in the Rose Bowl as an underdog to cap a 13-1 season that will go down as one of the greatest in school history. It’s just too bad we could not see MSU take on FSU or Auburn in a four-team playoff, which is coming next season. The Spartans ended the season playing as well as any team in America.

Ohio State (12-2) comes in at No. 12 in the AP and No. 10 in the Coaches.  I’m more inclined to agree with the No. 12 ranking. This was a Buckeyes squad that limped across the finish line, falling to Michigan State in the Big Ten title game and then to Clemson in the Orange Bowl.

Just think: It wasn’t long ago the Buckeyes were thinking “national championship.” Over its last three games, OSU allowed a combined 115 points and 1,617 yards as the Buckeyes now have a two-game losing skid after winning 24 in a row. Ohio State didn’t impress with its schedule, as it had no impressive non-con wins and topped three Big Ten bowl teams (Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan) and Penn State. Oh, and all of those Big Ten teams lost their bowl game.

Wisconsin (9-4) comes in at No. 22 in the AP and No. 21 in the Coaches. Like Ohio State, the Badgers scuffled at the finish. Wisconsin allowed an aggregate 65 points and 651 passing yards in losses to Penn State and South Carolina in the Capital One Bowl to close what at one time was a very promising season. When push comes to shove, the Badgers had a so-so resume.

The best wins in hindsight? At Iowa, vs. BYU and at Minnesota. Some wondered if Wisconsin even should have been ranked to end the season. I would have included the Badgers in my final poll.

The only other Big Ten team ranked is Nebraska (9-4), which is No. 25 in the Coaches poll after finishing with a victory vs. Georgia in the Outback Bowl. The Huskers were the only other Big Ten team to win their bowl. But like so many other Big Ten teams, Nebraska had a weak resume. The Cornhuskers’ lone regular-season win over a bowl team? At Michigan. Not sure I would have included Nebraska in my final Top 25.


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bigtengrad on 1/7/2014 @ 12:41pm EDT Said:

Of course Nebraska wouldn’t have been in “your” poll. Your dislike of all things Nebraska is quite transparent. I have a feeling you’re going to be like Mark May, relishing in the fact that every negative comment you make will irritate their fanbase. There’s a reason you don’t have a vote in any real poll….

Moonunit on 1/7/2014 @ 3:25pm EDT Said:

Is anyone shocked that 75 percent of this article is about Ohio State and the remainder only includes Wisconsin and Michigan St., who, by their play on the field this year deserves the lions share of press coverage. And the other team that won their bowl game and saved some face for the BIG gets ZIP from this supposed sports analyst.I’m done reading his dribble and dangerously close to cancelling my subscription to the BTN network. Congrats to Mich. St. for a great season. You should have been playing last night.

Mark Peshaba on 1/7/2014 @ 4:04pm EDT Said:

Very much like Mark May!!!! So lets hope for next season to go way better than this season. Recruiting, strength of schedule and execution on the plays 1-3 down!!!! Lets face it our conference is weak, weak.
OK MSU did good but that’s it other than Neb in the bowl games. This conference needs to learn how to execute period!!!!
National signing day is a month away!!!!! Lets see if 3-4 schools can get it right this time around??????
Happy to see the BCS go away. Lets have a play off!!!
Up coming season B1G conference game I call out the same 2 as this year!!! MSU vs OSU!!!
Maybe the Buckeyes can get there D in order and be able to actually stop someone on 3 rd down!!!!
Hats off to MSU and just think of how many returning kids are coming right back!!!! Yes a real National Championship caliber team here for sure!!!!! What happened to U of M this season? Brady gonna have to clean house and get that offense together!!!!! Maybe Gardner is not the answer?? He would have done way better in the spread offense compared to there new pro style!!!!!
Nebraska looked good at times, but execution is a real problem??? Can we always blame the coaching staff? I mean they do have speed and talent????
Wisconsin looked hot at times under there new coaching staff!!! Cant wait to see there new recruits under Coach Anderson. Hey way better year than Big Boy who is now really getting his butt whipped!!!!! He cannot hang where he went!!!! And that’s a fact Jack!!!!!
Lets hope 2014 is a stronger year for our conference or I’m afraid someone’s gonna get fired!!!!

J. K. Swindell on 1/7/2014 @ 5:05pm EDT Said:

Agreed, another Nebraska slight by this writer. Perhaps some perspective is needed to off-set the bias. Since joining the BIG in 2011, the Huskers have the third best record in the league (28-12), just behind Michigan State at 31-10 and Ohio State at 30-9 followed by Wisconsin, fourth at 28-13 and Michigan, fifth at 26-13. During their three year tenure they are the only BIG team to win at least nine games each season (9-4, 10-4, 9-4). Ohio State had a 6-7 season, Michigan State Michigan and Michigan State with an 7-6 seasons, and Wisconsin with an 8-6 season. In the BIG, Nebraska is perfect 3-0 against Penn State, is 2-1 against Michigan State, Michigan, Northwestern and Iowa. It split with Ohio Sate 1-1, having a losing record only against Wisconsin at 1-2. In just three seasons it has won in the Big House, at Michigan Sate, at Penn State (twice), at Northwestern, at Iowa, at Minnesota and at Purdue. And in 2014, Nebraska and Michigan State are the only two BIG teams with a win. Go Big Red!