How did we do? Big Ten bowl picks revisited

All season long, our panel predicted every Big Ten football game. We also provided polls for Big Ten fans to make their picks. With the Big Ten bowl season now complete, it’s time to crown the 2103 champion. That would be’s Sean Merriman, who went 85-19, including a 4-3 bowl clip. Big Ten fans finished third, at 82-22. See the full season standings and bowl picks in this post.

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Sean MerrimanSean Merriman (@BTNSean)
Season record: 85-19
Bowl record: 4-3
Big Ten bowl game predictions: Minnesota 28, Syracuse 14; Kansas State 27, Michigan 17; Georgia 31, Nebraska 21; LSU 42, Iowa 24; South Carolina 31, Wisconsin 27; Michigan State 27, Stanford 24; Ohio State 38, Clemson 35.

Stephen BardoStephen Bardo (@stephenbardo)
Season record: 84-20
Bowl record: 5-2
Big Ten bowl game predictions: Minnesota 35, Syracuse 21; Kansas State 31, Michigan 17; Nebraska 24, Georgia 23; LSU 42, Iowa 31; Wisconsin 28, South Carolina 27; Michigan State 28, Stanford 24; Clemson 42, Ohio State 41

FansBig Ten fans
Season record: 82-22
Bowl record: 2-5
Big Ten bowl game predictions: See polls below

Brent YarinaBrent Yarina (@BTNBrentYarina)
Season record: 81-23
Bowl record: 4-3
Big Ten bowl game predictions: Minnesota 23, Syracuse 20; Kansas State 31, Michigan 28; Georgia 34, Nebraska 24; LSU 28, Iowa 20; Wisconsin 27, South Carolina 24; Michigan State 24, Stanford 20; Clemson 41, Ohio State 38

Tom DienhartTom Dienhart (@BTNTomDienhart)
Season record: 79-25
Bowl record: 2-5
Big Ten bowl game predictions: Minnesota 29, Syracuse 27; Michigan 26, Kansas State 24; Georgia 29, Nebraska 24; LSU 24, Iowa 21; Wisconsin 31, South Carolina 24; Michigan State 17, Stanford 14; Ohio State 31, Clemson 30


Texas Bowl: Syracuse 21, Minnesota 17 | DIENHART | AP RECAP

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl: Kansas State 31, Michigan 14 | DIENHART | AP RECAP

Gator Bowl: Nebraska 24, Georgia 19 | DIENHART | AP RECAP

Outback Bowl: LSU 21, Iowa 14 | DIENHART | AP RECAP

Capital One Bowl: South Carolina 34, Wisconsin 24 | YARINA | AP RECAP

Rose Bowl Game: Michigan State 24, Stanford 20 | DIENHART | AP RECAP

Orange Bowl: Clemson 40, Ohio State 35 | DIENHART | AP RECAP


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Doug on 1/4/2014 @ 10:46am EDT Said:

you would have thought by the last game of the year Tom would have stopped riding Michigan, some people never learn !

Brad Nelson on 1/4/2014 @ 11:29am EDT Said:

Well now, isn’t it interesting that with all the Husker bashing -a word that sports reporters enjoy- that the BTN (pronounced Tom Dienhart) did this season, Big Ten fans decided the only team in the Big Ten that would loose their bowl game would be the Huskers. I guess the Husker fans were undermanned.
It’s to bad the fans were fed such drivel. Great Call Mr. Bardo! You at least retained some objectivity in making your reasonable, and not emotional, choices.

Matt Hoffman on 1/4/2014 @ 11:38am EDT Said:

Ha! All of you picked Georgia to win, and you still don’t give Nebraska ANY credit for winning! What a joke.

David Brown on 1/4/2014 @ 3:07pm EDT Said:

Actually Brad – (1) it is lose not loose. (2) If you look the fans also thought that Iowa would lose.

Tod on 1/4/2014 @ 4:30pm EDT Said:

C’mon folks, try and be a little unbiased. I mean, judging by these picks, Big Ten fans would select OSU or Wisconsin as sure favorites over the ’72 Miami Dolphins or maybe even Jesus at the second coming. How many years of ass stompings will it take before you and your ridiculous Big 10 director to realize that your conference champ would place 6th in either division of the SEC (and slightly better in the national Pop Warner standings?

Mary Brennan on 1/4/2014 @ 7:53pm EDT Said:

All of the so-called “experts” owe Nebraska and the Huskers a big apology for the lack of respect shown during this season. Everyone picked Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota to win their games, yet only Nebraska and Mich. State won. Husker Power going into 2014! GBR!!

Doug on 1/5/2014 @ 12:39pm EDT Said:

Tod, you are officially a tool, saying MSU would finish 6th in the SEC? MSU just beat the # 2 and # 5 teams in the country, and almighty bama lost to a slight better then mediocre auburn team and got drubbed by a mediocre ok team, congrats !

Awesome on 1/5/2014 @ 11:40pm EDT Said:

Doug, MSU never played an SEC team. So we never know. I think they would go 10th place in the SEC. B1G and SEC need to play each other more often.

Jerry Haldeman on 1/6/2014 @ 1:38pm EDT Said:

The Big Ten sucks.

Jerry Haldeman on 1/6/2014 @ 1:41pm EDT Said:

The Big Teen is overrated and cannot compete well with other conferences.

cp4ab0lishm3nt on 1/6/2014 @ 10:12pm EDT Said:

Except of MI and NE; IA, MN, OSU and WI should have win! MI’s loss is a real disappointment .

cp4ab0lishm3nt on 1/6/2014 @ 10:13pm EDT Said:

Typo error… Except for MSU and NE…