Vote for Big Ten Football Game of the Year

The 2013 college football regular season is in the books. That means it’s time to hit the rewind button and take a look back at the top Big Ten football games of 2013. This past season included many memorable moments– Penn State’s quadruple-overtime win over Michigan, Nebraska’s Hail Mary to beat Northwestern, and Michigan State’s unforgettable victory over Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game. But now, we ask, which game was the best?

Cast your vote here:

Week 1: Penn State 23, Syracuse 17

Week 2: Michigan 41, Notre Dame 30

Week 3: Michigan 28, Akron 24

Week 5: Ohio State 31, Wisconsin 24

Week 6: Indiana 44, Penn State 24

Week 6: Michigan State 26, Iowa 14

Week 6: Ohio State 40, Northwestern 30

Week 7: Penn State 42, Michigan 40 4OT

Week 8: Michigan 63, Indiana 47

Week 8: Ohio State 34, Iowa 24

Week 8: Wisconsin 56, Illinois 32

Week 9: Iowa 17, Northwestern 10 OT

Week 9: Minnesota 34, Nebraska 23

Week 10: Penn State 24, Illinois 17 OT

Week 10: Minnesota 42, Indiana 39

Week 10: Nebraska 27, Northwestern 24

Week 11: Nebraska 17, Michigan 10

Week 12: Michigan 27, Northwestern 19 OT

Week 12: Michigan State 41, Nebraska 28

Week 13: Iowa 24, Michigan 21

Week 13: Nebraska 23, Penn State 20 OT

Week 13: Wisconsin 20, Minnesota 7

Week 14: Ohio State 42, Michigan 41

Week 14: Northwestern 37, Illinois 34

Week 14: Indiana 56, Purdue 36

Week 14: Penn State 31, Wisconsin 24

Week 15: Michigan State 34, Ohio State 24

When will the top 10 games air on BTN/BTN2Go once the voting is done? Here’s the schedule…

No. 10: Dec. 24, Noon. GAME TO BE DETERMINED
No. 9: Dec. 24, 2 p.m. GAME TO BE DETERMINED
No. 8: Dec. 24, 4 p.m. GAME TO BE DETERMINED
No. 7: Dec. 24, 7 p.m. GAME TO BE DETERMINED
No. 6: Dec. 24, 9 p.m. GAME TO BE DETERMINED
No. 5: Dec. 25, noon GAME TO BE DETERMINED
No. 4: Dec. 25, 2 p.m. GAME TO BE DETERMINED
No. 3: Dec. 25, 4 p.m. GAME TO BE DETERMINED
No. 2: Dec. 25, 7 p.m. GAME TO BE DETERMINED
No. 1: Dec. 25, 9 p.m. GAME TO BE DETERMINED

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MJC on 12/13/2013 @ 6:06am EDT Said:

What about the BEAT DOWN MSU handed UM? THAT was AWESOME!

Anne on 12/13/2013 @ 12:31pm EDT Said:

I particularly liked the Michigan State – Michigan game and it isn’t here nor are most of MSU’s games

Larry Stebbins on 12/13/2013 @ 1:05pm EDT Said:

I really liked the defensive domination of Michigan State over Michigan also, should have bee a choice.

Tom on 12/13/2013 @ 1:44pm EDT Said:

Where is MSU’s thorough crushing of UofM? The Big Ten should showcase the nation’s best defense and that game is one long highlight reel for the MSU defense.

Karen Gordon on 12/13/2013 @ 2:51pm EDT Said:

I also looked for the Michigan State vs Michigan game and would have voted for that

Dave on 12/13/2013 @ 3:23pm EDT Said:

Anne, I guess that’s what happens when you win by double digits every week

Dave Kirkpatrick on 12/13/2013 @ 5:39pm EDT Said:

This is ridiculous. MSU is the Big Ten Champions, and there are only three MSU games even offered on your worthless ballot – and the MSU-UM game isn’t even one of them. Meanwhile, the League doormat Wolverines have 8 games offered on the ballot. What a joke!

Brad Boilore on 12/13/2013 @ 10:19pm EDT Said:

Ya left out, Michigan State over Michigan. Hands down number 1

Cory on 12/14/2013 @ 8:54am EDT Said:

michigan vs akron?!?! are you f’in serious?!?

Captain Hindsight on 12/21/2013 @ 1:13am EDT Said:

Michigan v Akron was a real nail-biter, only bested by Michigan v Northwestern. Like watching a fawn learn how to walk.

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