Urban Meyer won't suspend ejected OSU players

(AP) Ohio State coach Urban Meyer says the players ejected from the Michigan game for fighting will not be suspended for the Big Ten championship game.

Running back Dontre Wilson and offensive lineman Marcus Hall were kicked out of Saturday’s game when a skirmish broke out after a kickoff return in the second quarter.

Meyer said Sunday that he will meet with athletic director Gene Smith and speak with Big Ten officials about the fight.

A Big Ten spokesman said Saturday that the league would have to review video of the play before deciding if any players would be punished further.

After Hall was ejected, he made an obscene gesture toward Michigan fans while heading to the locker room.

The second-ranked Buckeyes face No. 10 Michigan State this Saturday in Indianapolis.

Here’s a picture from the scuffle:

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports


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Sarah on 12/1/2013 @ 4:04pm EDT Said:

You should show a picture of what started the fight- when 7 Michigan players surrounded one OSU player, that was trying to get up off the ground.

Me on 12/1/2013 @ 4:07pm EDT Said:

The bigger issue is why were two OSU coaches allowed to go in the tunnel and bring Marcus Hall back on the sideline? Ejected players are not allowed on the sideline. Watch the tape, you will see #79 Marcus Hall on the OSU sideline after the ejection.

dc on 12/1/2013 @ 4:56pm EDT Said:

Let’s hope the league steps in and does what Urban Meyer doesn’t have the guts to do. Sounds like Florida all over again!

ron on 12/1/2013 @ 5:03pm EDT Said:

Hall should be gone for 1 game. shows meyer has no class. wilson served his time and should play.

Jslo on 12/1/2013 @ 6:21pm EDT Said:

I think Ohio fans are hilarious, acting like it was all UM’s fault. I’ve never seen a more biased group online re: this scuffle.

1. Nearly every kickoff has a bit of a scrum group post tackle.
2. UM players excessively celebrated it no question.
3. It got pushy between many players from both teams.
4. #52 UM helmet yanking (was appropriately ejected).
5. #1 Ohio player punching (right or wrong, tough situation but once punches thrown = ejection according to rules)
6. Many players now involved, lots of pushing shoving and Ohio player (big lineman) punched a UM player right in front of official (again automatic ejection).

Those are the pertinent facts. The rest is just a lot of hot air, bad sportsmanship, and shouldn’t be part of college athletics. Both teams special teams are young and responded poorly to a heated situation. Saying it was all one team or the other is just silly and uninformed.

Jslo on 12/1/2013 @ 6:27pm EDT Said:

Also want to add that Marcus Hall #79 Ohio posted a classy apology on Twitter today:


Jslo on 12/1/2013 @ 6:37pm EDT Said:

Last thought to anyone who thinks it was all UM players- take a look at this pic as well:

Both teams were hyped and it got a little crazy. Don’t let it take away from what an amazing game it was!

Wendy Campbell on 12/1/2013 @ 6:59pm EDT Said:

OSU’s Hall should be held accountable for his obscene gestures.. he was ejected for the fight, but should be suspended for his actions afterward. This is college football and there should be a bar set for respectability and responsibility for players’ actions.

    delmar1950 on 12/2/2013 @ 12:47am EDT Said:

    Sorry Wendy I do not agree, he was ejected from the game what more do you want. I don’t condom what he did but to go board with this is not call for. He over reacted and these things happen in games from time to time and respectability has nothing to do with it. Have you ever been to a game a hear what the fans say to these players, so don’t be talking about respectability the kid lost his cool and for that he was kick out of the game and probably won’t start the next game. He let his self down as well as his team and you can be sure he’s heartbroken.

Wilson on 12/1/2013 @ 7:27pm EDT Said:

First, I don’t like either team. You don’t throw punches, but there is no way as a teammate should you stand by and watch a goon squad surround, taunt, push, and throw down another teammate. Michigan players were fully responsible for this, and I don’t understand how there were not flags thrown immediately when the first incident occurred.

I don’t care who is suspended or not suspended, but it is completely BS that the OSU portion of the scuffle is the only thing that is being shown and talked about.

Also, these players not being suspended or punished, but you have players that get a targetting ejection and being suspended for the next half of the next game, and possibly a game that’s next year??

delmar1950 on 12/1/2013 @ 7:47pm EDT Said:

Since both players were throw out of the game then that should be enough, but if more is done then I think that they should not be able to play the first quarter. Anymore would be unfair and over kill so let the kids play.

Ron on 12/1/2013 @ 10:10pm EDT Said:

Im a huge Ohio State fan and what happened during the fight and Mr Halls finger flying was totally uncalled for. Ejections were right and suspensions should follow. 1 game for the fight and another game for the finger salute. Review the game film and see if any one else should be suspended. Plain and simple both schools are to classy for something like to take place

toddboy71 on 12/1/2013 @ 10:13pm EDT Said:

There were several punches thrown by OSU players not ejected. Braxton Miller being one of them. (here is video footage) http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mVs7AB0rr_k. The NCAA rule states that if a player leaves the bench and enters into a physical altercation that they shall be ejected and be suspended for the next game. No way Delaney does the right thing and follows the rules. I mean he begged for the Tattoo gate players to be able to play in the Sugar Bowl and no way he gives up a chance for a conference school to play in the NC game.

doug moore on 12/2/2013 @ 2:38am EDT Said:

Whether its the pros or college football has become a national joke! As this conference gets ready for its title game the headlines are about aggressive, violent student athletes. Do you ever think of them as student athletes? No, they are violent boys who are money machines. Too many headlines about this sport deal with their on field or off field bad acts. Coaches like Urban simply slap wrists. Does B1G have guts prior to THE big game to do what is right? And I love the rationalization that they’re young boys. Earlier this year we saw tough Urban suspend a star for three cupcake games..kept his legs fresh for remaining nine..Urbans quite the leader! Thank goodness the B1G has 20+ decent sports..try them sometime! Oh, and GO SPARTANS!!!

Kristi on 12/2/2013 @ 6:41am EDT Said:

I think a review of the tape and all parties suspended. Anyone out there for the scuffle should be as well as the mob by the UM players. If you suspend and penalize one team, it should be all involved.

squeekeron on 12/2/2013 @ 11:24am EDT Said:

Marcus Hall apologized sincerely for his inappropriate, albeit emotionally charged actions on Saturday. That should be the end of it. Same thing for Taylor Lewan earlier this year; he apologized and everybody moved on.

delmar1950 on 12/2/2013 @ 6:54pm EDT Said:

Hey Doug whats up with you do think that it will really make a difference you’re gone to lose whether they play or not . Let me tell you something I didn’t like what happen no more than you but the officials did not handle situation well. I’d like to know what took them so long to intervene in the first place and you act as though Michigan had nothing to do with at all. I cannot understand why you are only see this one way and as for it becoming a National joke, those two entity are the most watched sporting events in this country and just like everyone else you’re watching the games too. Your boy are in trouble Saturday night and in a big way and that you can darn well believe. GO BUCKS

Carl Johnson on 12/3/2013 @ 4:37pm EDT Said:

Having Hall throw punches and flip the bird is child’s play to OSU fans. After all….. ask ANY visiting B10 fan what it’s like to go to a game in Columbus OH where food, beverages, bottles, excrement, mud and whatever else is routinely thrown at anyone that isn’t wearing scarlet and gray. If you don’t believe me, then ask ANY visiting fan that’s attended a game in Columbus. Saying they’re wild animals is an understatement. So, seeing a player throw punches and flip the bird is absolutely NOTHING to them..