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JasonR on 11/16/2013 @ 4:41pm EDT Said:

If they really wanted to be patritoc and do the right thing they could have done some basic research to understand that wearing the flag this way is disrespectful in general, and doing it on a uniform destined to be ground into the dirt is a notch on down the scale. I’m glad the money is going to a good cause but there are plentry of ways to do that without compromising like this. People are just going too far with their “signs of respect” that accomplish just the opposite and only serve to make them look uneducated or uncaring of our traditions.

SusanD on 11/16/2013 @ 7:29pm EDT Said:

Well, Jason R, it seems that Northwestern had a great idea to show patriotism. What about both teams running over the “N” in flag design at midfield. I think that if they were actually wearing flags, then I would agree with you. They have not gone too far. It was just far enough. Good for Northwestern and the team that put this together.

Danielle on 11/16/2013 @ 7:48pm EDT Said:

Sorry Jason R, but you are incorrect. If people are allowed to buy t-shirts depicting the flag just to drip barbeque sauce, beer, and vomit down on the fourth of July when they get drunk than this is a much better tribute to our country. They are not actually pushing the flag in the dirt. Get over yourself.

Katie on 11/16/2013 @ 9:16pm EDT Said:

Look like Captain America character.

MikeD on 11/17/2013 @ 12:54am EDT Said:

The military has bled for our country for hundreds of years. I don’t see a problem with them representing the sacrifice in this manner. If you’re grateful for those that have served, you should be happy that Northwestern did ANYTHING. Thank you, Northwestern.

DaveD on 11/17/2013 @ 2:10am EDT Said:

There is NOTHING disrespectful here. What NU did is no different than what our Olympic teams do. People need to stop looking for reasons to be offended. As Susan points out, they weren’t wearing actual flags. They were wearing striped designs and star designs — symbols of patriotism — which has been done by sports teams competing for the US all the time. Were Rocky’s boxing trunks disrespectful? I never heard anyone say that — just the opposite.