How did we do? Week 3 Big Ten picks revisited

Before we turn our attention to Week 4, it’s time to revisit how the team and Big Ten fans did with their Week 3 Big Ten predictions. Brent Yarina led the way with a 10-2 clip to move into a first-place tie with Sean Merriman and Big Ten fans, who both went 9-3 to move to 30-6 on the season.

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Tom Dienhart29-7 Brent Yarina30-6 Sean Merriman30-6 Stephen Bardo29-7
Week 3 Games @BTNTomDienhart @BTNBrentYarina @BTNSean @stephenbardo
BGSU at Indiana
BGSU, 34-31 Indiana, 38-34 Indiana, 31-21 BGSU, 24-21
Akron at Michigan
Michigan, 58-6 Michigan, 49-10 Michigan, 52-10 Michigan, 35-21
W. Illinois at Minnesota
Minnesota, 36-16 Minnesota, 30-13 Minnesota, 24-17 Minnesota, 28-21
UCLA at Nebraska
Nebraska, 38-33 Nebraska, 40-37 Nebraska 42-35 UCLA, 42-35
YSU at Michigan St.
Michigan St., 21-10 Michigan St., 27-10 Michigan St., 27-14 Michigan St., 21-14
Washington at Illinois Washington, 30-24 Washington, 35-27 Washington, 38-31 Washington, 35-27
Iowa at Iowa State
Iowa State, 24-23 Iowa, 23-19 Iowa, 24-20 Iowa State, 21-17
UCF at Penn State
Penn State, 31-17 Penn State, 27-20 Penn State, 35-21 Penn State, 28-14
Ohio State at Cal
Ohio State, 40-14 Ohio State, 44-23 Ohio State, 35-24 Ohio State, 28-24
Notre Dame at Purdue
Notre Dame, 51-9 Notre Dame, 37-13 Notre Dame, 31-14 Notre Dame, 35-14
WMU at Northwestern
NU, 45-13 NU, 51-17 NU, 45-21 NU, 31-24
Wisconsin at Arizona St.
Arizona St., 29-28 Arizona St., 31-28 Wisconsin, 31-21 Wisconsin, 35-27

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Indiana 42, Bowling Green 10

Michigan 28, Akron 24

Minnesota 29, Western Illinois 12

UCLA 41, Nebraska 21

Michigan State 55, Youngstown State 17

Iowa 27, Iowa State 21

UCF 34, Penn State 31

Washington 34, Illinois 24

Ohio State 52, Cal 34

Notre Dame 31, Purdue 24

Northwestern 38, Western Michigan 17

Arizona State 32, Wisconsin 30

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Show Comments (5 Comments)
Doug on 9/15/2013 @ 11:44am EDT Said:

way to be totally off on the MSU and M pick boys LOL

reality check on 9/15/2013 @ 1:16pm EDT Said:

Those picks we’re reviewe and approved by me personally Doug

todd on 9/15/2013 @ 7:20pm EDT Said:

51-9 ND over Purdue. That should be counted as a loss.

Doug on 9/16/2013 @ 8:21am EDT Said:

does Bardo actually get paid for his horrible picks ?

Mike Smith on 9/18/2013 @ 10:26am EDT Said:

I’m still trying to figure out if Michigan and Notre Dame were extremely uninspired last Saturday or if the previous week’s showdown between the two wasn’t the meeting of powerhouses I thought it was. A little of both, I suspect.

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