Video: Shilique Calhoun offers his best 'Bane'

Michigan State defensive end Shilique Calhoun likes to go by “Bane” on the football field. Dark Knight fans will know what that means. For the non-Batman fans out there, he was the villain in the latest film. To help achieve the alter ego, the Michigan State equipment team gave Calhoun a Justin Tuck-like facemask, one with several bars close together, like Bane’s.

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Calhoun discussed his alter ego, and even offered his best Bane impression on Monday night’s #BTNLive. Thank you, Mike Hall, for making Calhoun offer up this Bane gem: “The city is yours!”

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He might not have sounded exactly like Bane, but there’s no doubt he’s been a villain to opposing offenses this season. In two games, the sophomore has three (!) touchdowns. If you’re counting at home, that’s one more than the struggling Michigan State offense.

Fumble return vs. Western Michigan:

Fumble return vs. South Florida:

INT return vs. South Florida:


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reality check on 9/10/2013 @ 9:20am EDT Said:

Well we all know what happened to Bane in the end don’t we, and Devon Gardner is Batman.
Gardner will light up MSU for 300 yards on November 2. Take that to the bank and deposit it.

SpartanFanofRoses on 12/13/2013 @ 11:19pm EDT Said:

How about we just say that Gardener got ‘lit up’ for sure. Can you say MINUS 48 yards on the ground – lowest total in the Michigan “Program” 148 year history. It was certainly a beat down in East Lansing – MSU 29 UM 6.

You indeed do need a reality check my friend……..