Video: Akeem Hunt takes opening kick to the house

It took all of 14 seconds for Purdue to match its Week 1 one scoring total Saturday. Darrell Hazell went with trickeration on the opening kickoff, and speedy Akeem Hunt took the reverse 90 yards to the end zone. And just like that, without one offensive possession, the Boilermakers led Indiana State, 7-0. Purdue, of course, lost 42-7 to Cincinnati in last week’s opener.

Last week’s offensive performance might have been worse than the score indicated. Quarterback Rob Henry was so disappointed in his play that he went to Twitter to voice his frustration.

Track the Indiana State-Purdue game. Also, check out our live blog.


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Jeremy on 9/8/2013 @ 9:34am EDT Said:

why do you end the video immediately when he reaches the end zone? don’t you think we’d like to see the celebration, reaction, replay, etc?

Taylen Peterson (@taylen24) on 9/9/2013 @ 6:30pm EDT Said:

Nice assist by #60 Ayres with both a hold and a block in the back on the last man who had a chance to make a tackle…

T on 9/9/2013 @ 6:57pm EDT Said:

I don’t think Taylen knows enough about the rules of football.

Taylen Peterson (@taylen24) on 3/12/2014 @ 5:14pm EDT Said:

Silly me, I forgot that grabbing and pulling the jersey of an opposing player (twice from 0:14-0:16), inhibiting him from moving forward and making a play, was now legal in college football. Dafuq you talking about, T?

Nice little push in the back to top it all off (at 0:16) could be considered legal if you look at if from the standpoint of he had already engaged contact with the player. But that contact was grabbing his jersey, which is still a penalty. Clearly I’m not the one lacking in knowledge on the rules of football.