How did we do? Week 1 Big Ten picks revisited

Before we turn our attention to Week 2, it’s time to revisit how the team and Big Ten fans did with their Week 1 Big Ten predictions. BTN’s Sean Merriman and Stephen Bardo both went a perfect 12-0 to pace the field, while Big Ten fans only missed the Iowa-Northern Illinois game. Nice work!

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Tom Dienhart11-1 Brent Yarina10-2 Sean Merriman12-0 Stephen Bardo12-0
Week 1 Games @BTNTomDienhart @BTNBrentYarina @BTNSean @stephenbardo
ISU at Indiana
Indiana, 35-23 Indiana, 41-24 Indiana, 31-24 Indiana, 42-35
UNLV at Minnesota
Minnesota 28-27 Minnesota, 32-17 Minnesota, 27-14 Minnesota, 28-7
WMU at Michigan St.
Michigan St., 24-7 Michigan St., 24-7 Michigan St., 31-7 Michigan St., 21-10
Purdue at Cincinnati
Cincinnati, 27-18 Cincinnati, 31-20 Cincinnati, 28-21 Cincinnati, 31-20
SIU at Illinois
Illinois, 27-21 Illinois, 37-21 Illinois, 31-17 Illinois, 21-17
Buffalo at Ohio State Ohio State, 55-3 Ohio State, 51-13 Ohio State, 56-3 Ohio State, 42-7
UMass at Wisconsin
Wisconsin, 44-14 Wisconsin, 55-10 Wisconsin, 38-14 Wisconsin, 49-14
CMU at Michigan
Michigan, 33-13 Michigan, 45-17 Michigan, 35-10 Michigan, 35-14
Penn State vs. ‘Cuse
Penn State 24-20 Syracuse, 27-24 Penn State 24-21 Penn State, 24-21
NIU at Iowa
Iowa, 21-19 Iowa, 24-23 NIU, 21-17 NIU, 31-28
Wyo at Nebraska
Nebraska, 50-21 Nebraska, 48-23 Nebraska, 49-17 Nebraska, 28-17
Northwestern at Cal
NU, 29-23 NU, 34-28 NU, 31-28 NU, 35-14


Indiana 73, Indiana State 35

Minnesota 51, UNLV 23


Michigan State 26, Western Michigan 13


Cincinnati 42, Purdue 7

Illinois 42, Southern Illinois 34

Ohio State 40, Buffalo 20

Wisconsin 45, UMass 0

Michigan 59, Central Michigan 9

Penn State 23, Syracuse 17

Northern Illinois 30, Iowa 27

Nebraska 37, Wyoming 34

Northwestern 44, Cal 30


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PJA on 9/1/2013 @ 1:35pm EDT Said:

Love you guys your comments and knowledge of college foot ball is right on. As a life long Nebraska fan I appreciate the professionalism in your work. once again love u guys…Paul A

doug moore on 9/1/2013 @ 5:15pm EDT Said:

So, more people thought Buffalo could beat the so-called #2 Bucks than a bunch of Cowboys could beat these mighty Cornhuskers..& look at the scores! This isn’t the Ivy League! LOL. Maybe 3 games had a chance of being competitive & the poll demonstrates that. Big UNL & OSU are really gonna impress the nation..poor B1G..great weekend for WVB, should watch it sometime..phenominally beautiful athletes flying everywhere!..#1 team in the country that brings lots of NCs & glory to the B1G! Too bad the sad schedulers have limited time for this great sport..they’d rather run a Nebraska fb game 8 consecutive times..yes, it is a fb & bb net with crumbs for their quality sports. If you learned about it you may love it..isn’t that what college is all about? GO LIONS!