Best Case/Worst Case: Indiana Hoosiers

Expectations are teeming in Bloomington, as Kevin Wilson enters his third season on the job. A high-powered offense gives the Hoosiers a chance in just about every game. But how will the defense perform, as Indiana looks for its bowl since 2007? Here is my best- and worst-case scenarios for the Hoosiers.

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Best case: The Hoosiers dispatch Indiana State based on talent alone. Sorry, Sycamores. Navy comes to Bloomington—and Indiana has revenge on its mind after dropping a close game in Annapolis last season. The mojo continues vs. Bowling Green. Missouri visits next. And this is a slumping Tigers’ program which Indiana ambushes in a high-scoring game. The Hoosiers get two weeks to prep for Penn State, which is 16-0 all-time vs. Indiana (not counting vacated wins). The Hoosiers relieve years of frustration with a win, outscoring the Nittany Lions in a wild game to move to—are you ready for this?—5-0, and into the national rankings for the first time since 1994. Back-to-back trips to Michigan State and Michigan bring IU back to earth, however. But Indiana’s two-game losing skid ends with a visit from Minnesota, the Hoosiers’ sixth triumph of the season which stamps their ticket to a bowl for the first time since 2007. From here on out, it’s all gravy. And, a visit from Illinois is more gravy. Indiana isn’t ready to win at Wisconsin or at Ohio State. No shame in that. But the Hoosiers end the season with a big smile by dumping rival Purdue in Bloomington. Indiana, which had lost four of the last five meetings with Purdue finishes 8-4 overall and 4-4 in the Big Ten. Kevin Wilson is named Big Ten coach of the year.

Aug. 29: Indiana State – W
Sept. 7: Navy – W
Sept. 14: Bowling Green – W
Sept. 21: Missouri – W
Oct. 5: Penn State – W
Oct. 12: at Michigan State – L
Oct. 19: at Michigan – L
Nov. 2: Minnesota – W
Nov. 9: Illinois – W
Nov. 16: at Wisconsin – L
Nov. 23: at Ohio State – L
Nov. 30: Purdue – W
8-4 overall; 4-4 in the Big Ten

Worst case: Indiana eked by Indiana State last season, 24-17. It ekes by, again, vs. a strong FCS Sycamores program. Playing Navy always is tricky. Yes, the Hoosiers have more talent. But the Midshipmen out execute Indiana for a second season in a row. Indiana gets well vs. Bowling Green, taking a close win. But Missouri invades Bloomington and out talents the Hoosiers. October opens with a visit from Penn State, which wins—again—vs. Indiana to make it 17-0 all-time vs. IU. The Hoosiers hang for a half at Michigan State and at Michigan—but fade fast in the second half. The Hoosiers take a 2-5 mark into November, needing to go 4-1 to make a bowl. Indiana overlooks an improved Minnesota team and loses, pushing its losing streak to five games. The bleeding stops with a visit from slumping Illinois before beatings ensue at Wisconsin and then at Ohio State. The season ends with one last punch in the nose from Purdue, which continues its dominance over the Hoosiers. A 3-9 overall record and 1-7 Big Ten mark has some in Bloomington antsy. Stay tuned.

Aug. 29: Indiana State – W
Sept. 7: Navy – L
Sept. 14: Bowling Green – W
Sept. 21: Missouri – L
Oct. 5: Penn State – L
Oct. 12: at Michigan State – L
Oct. 19: at Michigan – L
Nov. 2: Minnesota – L
Nov. 9: Illinois – W
Nov. 16: at Wisconsin – L
Nov. 23: at Ohio State – L
Nov. 30: Purdue – L
3-9 overall; 1-7 Big Ten

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huskerfanbb on 8/5/2013 @ 12:46pm EDT Said:

I’ve really liked these best/worst case scenarios. Of all the teams in the B1G, I think this one is the hardest to handicap. The offense should be really strong–but probably not Ohio State, Nebraska, Northwestern, or Michigan strong–as in being able to rack up points against the better defenses. Their defense is also suspect as we all know. We know they will be in a lot of shoot-outs. Can their defense give them a chance at the end of games?

I tend to be on the side of “best case” here–although I think taking down Penn State is a tall order. They should get their 6 wins, though, and make a bowl game which would be progress.

ExpressHoosier on 8/5/2013 @ 1:16pm EDT Said:

6-6 with a win over Purdue will keep us happy…

ChrisK on 8/5/2013 @ 2:06pm EDT Said:

No it won’t. I want a Rose Bowl trip. Then I’ll be happy.

huskerfanbb on 8/5/2013 @ 2:20pm EDT Said:

Get used to disappointment.

KenC on 8/5/2013 @ 2:33pm EDT Said:

Any Bowl will do.🙂