Gallery: Best shots from 2013 BTN Big 10K

The 2013 BTN B1G 10K was held Saturday morning in Chicago. It was the second annual running, and a record 11,415 runners finished. See some of the best photos from the event in this post. There were a couple surprise visitors at the event, too, as Testudo, Maryland’s mascot, and Scarlet Knight, Rutgers’ mascot, were in town for the fun. Both schools join the Big Ten in 2014.

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Erin on 7/29/2013 @ 12:47pm EDT Said:

Is the BIG10K race going to be shown again on BTN? I ran the 5K but missed the show Saturday night.

JHL on 7/30/2013 @ 9:43pm EDT Said:

Where is a link to the pictures from the race? I got my picture taken at the finish with the backdrop and would like to see it please.

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