Big Ten, Northwestern pace nation in APR scores

The NCAA released its annual Academic Progress rate scores Tuesday, and the Big Ten came in No. 1 among the BCS conferences in football. The Northwestern football team led the nation with a score of 996, three points ahead of second-place Boise State, and Wisconsin (tied fourth) and Ohio State (tied seventh) also landed in the top 10.

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Best APR scores (Big Ten football)
Northwestern 996 (1st in nation)
Wisconsin 985 (T-4th in nation)
Ohio State 982 (T-7th in nation)
Nebraska 972
Indiana 963
Iowa 961
Penn State 961
Illinois 960
Michigan State 955
Minnesota 955
Purdue 953
Michigan 951

Best APR scores of power conferences
Big Ten 964.9
ACC 964.5
SEC 957.1
Pac-12 952.5
Big 12 947.1


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bob jones on 6/11/2013 @ 8:31pm EDT Said:

Nice job BIG, nice job Huskers.

Doug on 6/12/2013 @ 10:35am EDT Said:

Hey Mark and Dhani, nice last place finish !

shookwriter27 on 6/12/2013 @ 6:37pm EDT Said:

I find it interesting that Michigan at the bottom of the conference is still better than the average of the Big 12.

Nebr-57 on 6/13/2013 @ 4:06pm EDT Said:

Shook…..Because Nebraska left the Big XII..and WVA joined…the BIG XII slipped further behind. Glad to be in a League that puts an emphasis on Education.

Travis on 6/14/2013 @ 9:02am EDT Said:

Michigan is only so low because this is a multiyear average, and they had a score of 897 in the 2008-9 season when there was a large exodus of players because of the program transitioning from Lloyd Carr to Rich Rodriguez. Last year their score was a 981, and the year before a 984.

Tail5 on 10/1/2013 @ 12:23am EDT Said:

@ travis last year michigan’s score was 943, second to last in the conference.