Which school had best 2012-13 B1G athletic year?

This is interesting. From the JournalStar.com, here is the composite Big Ten 2012-13 standings, showing the average finish among each school’s men’s and women’s teams. A big year for Michigan, which is on a roll. The Wolverines took Big Ten titles in softball, men’s gymnastics, women’s cross country, women’s tennis and men’s swimming. Wait until the football team really gets it going.

Here are the official composite standings (this only accounts for Big Ten standings, not NCAA performance):

1. Michigan 4.04
2. Minnesota 4.43
3. Ohio State 4.64
4. Penn State 4.92
5. Illinois 5.24
6. Nebraska 5.57
7. Wisconsin 6.10
8. Indiana 6.22
9. Northwestern 6.29
10. Michigan State 6.83
11. Purdue 7.35
12. Iowa 7.58

Iowa and Michigan State were the only schools not to win a title in any sport.

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shookwriter27 on 5/30/2013 @ 10:50am EDT Said:

Illinois did pretty well given they did so poorly in footbal

Jonathan Rosen on 5/30/2013 @ 11:31am EDT Said:

I think it should be weighted according to the revenue brought in per sport … Methinks Ohio State would be head and shoulders above the rest …

m davis on 5/30/2013 @ 11:32am EDT Said:

Wow. Ohio state finishes nationally #3 in football, #6 in basketball, #6 wrestling, made it to elite 8 in lacrosse, final four in tennis with individual national champions in tennis, wrestling and fencing and are 3 in big ten. And that is just in the men’s sports.

Bill Broner on 5/30/2013 @ 12:13pm EDT Said:

m davis: it’s Big Ten standings, not Where they finished in a poll or how deep they went in the NCAA tournaments

M Steele on 5/30/2013 @ 12:20pm EDT Said:

@Jonathan Rosen: And what precisely would be the logic behind your method? Why should revenue play a part in amateur athletics?

Eric Woelker on 5/30/2013 @ 12:29pm EDT Said:

I think people forget that, among many other things, Michigan has already won two National Championships this year in both Swimming and Gymnastics.

bob jones on 5/30/2013 @ 12:43pm EDT Said:

The Nebraska women have been leading the way for the university since joining the conference. The women’s basketball, volleyball, softball and bowling teams have been outstanding. Way to go ladies. It’s amazing the number of great young women’s athletes in Nebraska that have helped Nebraska, Creighton and many other colleges excel.

Chase D on 5/30/2013 @ 12:49pm EDT Said:

Michigan had quite a year. National Champions in M Swimming & Diving and M Gymnastics. National Runner-Up in M Basketball. Final Four in W Volleyball. College World Series in W Softball. 5th place finish at NCAA Championships in W Cross Country.

Josh on 5/30/2013 @ 12:55pm EDT Said:

@Jonathan Rosen
Michigan is barely behind OSU in total revenue from sports…

@m davis
While that is very impressive, the women’s teams are much more lacking for OSU, at least according to what I saw.

m davis on 5/30/2013 @ 1:24pm EDT Said:

Bill: I understand. It’s just that after a stellar year like that you would think OSU would be higher. At least take some other factors into account than just where a team finished in the Big ten when making a statement of “which BIG school had the best athletic year” as the title suggests. They should have said which school had the best success within the conference, because it doesn’t seem they take any national accolades into account.

pc on 5/30/2013 @ 2:35pm EDT Said:

@m davis: This is a B1G measurement, not a national measurement. for that, you would want to look at the NACDA Learfield Director’s Cup for Division I sports (where Michigan currently stands at #2 behind #1 Stanford. and since it appears based on your posts you are a buckeye fan, currently #13 nationally).

Mitch Cumsteen on 5/30/2013 @ 4:34pm EDT Said:

Looks like the U of Iowa and their delusional fans are not as great as they believe. LOL

Josh on 5/31/2013 @ 12:42am EDT Said:

FYI, Penn State earned 8 Big Ten titles this year. An all-time record for PSU.
I guess a bad sport or two brought down our average, (M. Basketball)?

Also, 2078 Days since Michigan last beat Penn State in football.

Next year, we’ll get to add Hockey to these scores.

Also, PSU is currently ranked 3rd overall in the Director’s Cup, 2 points behind Michigan.
Due to the NCAA sanctions, PSU received 0 points for an 8-4 football team. I believe a bowl game would have added 25 points to the score, so PSU should be #2 nationally.

But congrats to BTN.com for finding a stat that it can use to make Michigan look good, and PSU look bad.

Melton on 5/31/2013 @ 3:47pm EDT Said:

@Chase D. MIchigan also won their national championship in Men’s Rowing. Which is a club sport, but should be varsity status.