Web links: Two football signing days or one?

The age-old question is being asked again: Should college football have two signing periods? One in, say, July or August, and the other in February. I’d love for there to be two signing periods. Let Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads tell you why he doesn’t think two signing periods will happen.

“I’d even be in favor of it if I was at a school that won a national championship the past three years,” Rhoads said. “The haves don’t want it, it’s more of the have-nots that do.”

Why do the “haves” want to keep the status quo? So they can recruit players who have committed to “have-nots,” especially late in the process when big boy schools are looking to fill in their classes. And, you know how life works: The haves usually always get what they want.


This is the week Michigan hotshot quarterback recruit Shane Morris arrives on campus. Hope he’s ready, because he’s probably gonna be the backup to Devin Gardner. I’m excited to see what Morris has got, but it’ll take the kid some time to get up to speed. His teammates will have to help over the summer.


Mike Daniels of the Champaign News-Gazette has a nice look around the Big Ten right here. Among the items is a list of the best Big Ten non-conference games. I am fascinated by the UCLA at Nebraska game. This will be a great test for a Cornhusker defense that was ripped for 653 yards last season in Pasadena in a 36-30 loss.


Nice replay of the Omaha World-Herald Tom Shatel’s weekly chat. Shatel hits on a number of subjects. Check out what he thinks of Oklahoma State Mike Gundy limiting the number of schools one of his transferring players can choose from. That transfer—Wes Lunt–is considering Illinois, which would been a boon to the Illini quarterbacking situation if he opts to join.

Lunt is a native of Rochester, Illinois, who recently visited Champaign. He would be a nice “get” for the Fighting Illini.


When it came to Michigan State handing out raises, the offensive coaches got bigger increases than the defensive coaches.

Hmmm. Didn’t the MSU defense basically carry the team in 2012? Speaking of Michigan State, the school continues to enhance its program, making improvements to its practice field. This is in addition to a $24 million upgrade to the north end of the stadium.

Oh, and remember Spartans linebacker Chris Norman? He’s moving forward with plans to be a Christian minister.


Some fun Penn State Numerology 101 from Bob Flounders of the PennLive.com.

Flounders has chronicled the numbers worn by some of the all-time best Nittany Lions. I think Penn State fans will love this. Oh, incoming future star quarterback Christian Hackenberg will wear No. 14, the same number as Todd Blackledge and Chuck Fusina. Yep.


Good item for you, Ohio State fans: Who would you put on a Mt. Rushmore of Buckeye quarterbacks? Here is one website’s attempt.

No arguments on the quartet from me. But, honestly, there haven’t been a lot of truly great Ohio State quarterbacks over the years. It’s usually about running the ball and playing defense in Columbus.


Some good Big Ten schedule, expansion and bowl talk on this podcast with Scott Dochterman and Marc Morehouse of the Cedar Rapids Gazette.


Marcus Fuller of the St. Paul Pioneer Press has a good Q&A with Minnesota coach Richard Pitino.

Among other things, Rick’s son talks about the items he has put in the trophy case in his office. Some of these baubles should serve as motivation to the players. At least that’s the hope.


Should fans be disappointed if Northwestern doesn’t make the NCAA tourney next season?

I don’t think “disappointment” is the right word for a Wildcats hoops program that never has been to the Big Dance. At the least, Chris Collins needs an NIT bid in his debut season. But, this will be a talented Wildcats squad. So, who knows? Go, ahead and dream big!


Christian Watford wasn’t invited to the NBA Combine. But, he’s undaunted.

It shouldn’t really impact his draft status. Watford still will work out for myriad teams. After individual workouts and all these college games, how much more can be gleaned at the Combine? I think we all know what Watford can do after four years of college.


Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel has an expansive Q&A with Purdue A.D. Morgan Burke on the state of Boilermakers athletics. Lots of good info here.

One revelation: Burke feels Purdue’s teams are “stuck in the middle.” He’s correct. Getting over the hump and to the top long has been an issue at Purdue.


Well, it looks like ex-Iowa coach Steve Alford had a short honeymoon at UCLA. Boy, that took about five seconds. I still think this is a dubious hire. His NCAA flameouts are epic. Yet, Alford lands this job.



My take: More accolades for some top Michigan recruits.

My take: Methinks it isn’t gonna happen. Period.

My take: Uh, they didn’t. I wonder what Robinson is doing these days.

My take: The ol’ A.D. is breaking down.


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Common Sense on 5/21/2013 @ 12:23pm EDT Said:

Dantonio needs at least two signing days to come up with what Brady Hoke can accomplish in one

Common Sense on 5/21/2013 @ 12:24pm EDT Said:

Hoke and Urban Meyer will dominate the league for the rest of this decade.

Josh on 5/21/2013 @ 2:29pm EDT Said:

College football needs to allow for official visits starting in the Summer, as opposed to making kids wait til the Season starts. Makes no sense why a kid’s trip can be paid by the school once the school year starts and they are busy, but not in the summer when they have time to actually use there 5 visits.

shookwriter27 on 5/21/2013 @ 5:06pm EDT Said:

There should be two signing periods for football. There are two for basketball.

Joseph on 5/22/2013 @ 6:27am EDT Said:

@Common Sense
Coming off an 8-5 season, you M*chigan fans are way too arrogant. M*chigan wasn’t even the 3rd best team in the BigTen last year.