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Reality check on 3/28/2013 @ 11:32pm EDT Said:

The nation needs to see IU vs Michigan in the title game, and Doug you owe larry an apology. He is a good employee and has a brilliant basketball mind.

Craig on 3/29/2013 @ 8:21am EDT Said:

Finally….. I can enjoy the rest of the tournament now! Way to go Orange!

Doug on 3/29/2013 @ 10:31am EDT Said:

Mark, I’m sure Larry is good cleaning restrooms stalls. You do realize M vs IU would only have been a final four game not a title game? You may want to consult Larry more often.

Reality check on 3/29/2013 @ 11:52am EDT Said:

Michigan blows Kansas out tonight and you do not own Belein you see I am smarter than you

Doug on 3/29/2013 @ 12:18pm EDT Said:

Hey Mark, I know you’re obsessed with me and MSU, so after Kansas beats Michigan tonight, I’ll give Larry the night off cause I know you guys will be in mourning.