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dave on 2/9/2013 @ 2:23pm EST Said:

Ryan coached the end of that game like old mr. potato head ( bielema) used to do in football. Turn the brain off.

Doug on 2/9/2013 @ 2:24pm EST Said:

From Spartan Nation (and Hoosier Nation) THANK YOU WISCONSIN !!!

Doug on 2/9/2013 @ 2:37pm EST Said:

dave, ryan won, where beilemia would lose

dave on 2/9/2013 @ 2:53pm EST Said:

doug- Very true. In the post game interview, the announcers asked Ryan ‘why didnt you foul’ to burn clock. He still didn’t get it, though.

Adam P. James on 2/9/2013 @ 4:15pm EST Said:

Dave – he got it. Look at what Bruesewitz did on that last shot. He was instructed to follow if Michigan got the bounce. The did, he attempted to foul, and didn’t follow on the shot. Sometimes shots go down. Case in point: the next shot…

Doug on 2/9/2013 @ 4:18pm EST Said:

yeah it’s funny, teams seem to have fouls to give, but don’t….