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Steve on 2/6/2013 @ 12:16am EDT Said:

The no call at the end can even out when you add in that OSU got 3 free points from a shot that was “still in his hands”

rhoneyman on 2/6/2013 @ 6:23am EDT Said:

closer than that was the automatic flagrant foul on gr3 that the refs left as a hard but not flagrant foul. even though craft may have been going for the ball, i believe smashing the other guy’s head is an automatic t. nhl rules, i guess. don’t call it unless someone dies.

Doug on 2/6/2013 @ 8:56am EDT Said:

The thing about the no call is typical with home teams getting calls, no matter who you are. If that was Burke driving instead of Craft, it’s a foul. If the game was at OSU, Craft gets that call. Nobody should be surprised there wasn’t a foul called there.