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Doug on 1/27/2013 @ 1:57pm EDT Said:

MSU hanging in there after IU made 9 of their first 10 shots

Doug on 1/27/2013 @ 3:08pm EDT Said:

Lost by 5 with our point guard fouling out and IU shooting 14 more free throws, hopefully the refs return the favor Feb 19th in E.L.

Jonathan on 1/27/2013 @ 3:15pm EDT Said:

I didn’t see the game, but the home team had 20 free throw attempts and the away team had only 6? Something just doesn’t seem right there….

Michael Swanson on 1/27/2013 @ 3:15pm EDT Said:

Officials need to be held to a higher standard than this. How can they sleep at night after some of those calls!?!?!?!?

Spartytom on 1/27/2013 @ 3:27pm EDT Said:

The charge call late in the game on Payne was questionable. The subsequent traveling call on Nix when he was being hacked was poor officiating – flop to win.

Elizabeth on 1/27/2013 @ 3:34pm EDT Said:

A grotesque display of officials’ bias. We cannot stand for this travesty to keep happening in sports.

Doug on 1/27/2013 @ 3:35pm EDT Said:

yep Appling fouled out and 2 of the calls were horrible, at the end of the game Nix gets fouled and they call traveling? totally screwed MSU at the end of the game there.

Adam on 1/27/2013 @ 3:58pm EDT Said:

I agree with all these posts. In fact, the refs should be required to call the same amount of fouls on each team. Also, they should only get paid if the losing team doesn’t blame their calls on the loss.

KT on 1/27/2013 @ 4:27pm EDT Said:

Road wins/losses will determine B10 Champions-this Saturday’s M game at IU next big test

Carolyn Carpenter Prichard on 1/27/2013 @ 5:03pm EDT Said:

Sounds like sour grapes.

Mark on 1/27/2013 @ 6:39pm EDT Said:

it was a great big ten game. If you don’ t think that was a charge on Payne near the end of the game, go get your eyes checked. Obvious call.

GK Vaught on 1/27/2013 @ 8:40pm EDT Said:

MSU fans…Give us a break…PPLLEEEEEASEE!!! You only led twice in the entire game and never more than by 2 points!! IU didn’t win because of poor officiating. They BEAT the Spartans with quickness and in transition play. MSU is great…IU is better