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Doug on 1/22/2013 @ 9:10pm EDT Said:

Wisconsin only shot 30 percent (16-54) from the field. Second chance points kept Wisky in the game or MSU wins by doube digits, so good job by them to keep themselves in the game. First place at 6-1 with 3 road wins, can MSU finally get some credit instead of just Michigan and Indiana?

Bucky on 1/22/2013 @ 9:33pm EDT Said:

And if Wisconsin doesn’t shoot 7-18 from the FT line, it wins. I can play that game too…

Jerry L. Kellogg on 1/22/2013 @ 9:37pm EDT Said:

Spartans are playing great basketball and need to keep it up. Everyone taking turns to lead in scoring. Just keep playing defense and scoring will come.

Doug on 1/23/2013 @ 9:32am EDT Said:

That’s my point bucky, in the article it says how bad MSU shot, well Wisky shot bad too, both teams played great defense. When it comes to free throws, Wisky can only blame themselves, so your argument is apples to oranges.

JB on 1/23/2013 @ 10:38pm EDT Said:

No way should Bucky shoot sub 40% from the line at home. Hard to fathom.

Doug on 1/24/2013 @ 11:12am EDT Said:

Thank you JB, that’s my point. Another close defensive batttle between these teams, no one should be surprised by how close the game was.