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John on 1/12/2013 @ 12:46pm EDT Said:

Good job fixing the echo. Now, please have the director ensure that he shows all the game action. He/she has missed some big plays by over-focusing on crowd reaction, etc.

Doug on 1/12/2013 @ 12:52pm EDT Said:

only one word at halftime: Yikes !

Gooherfan on 1/12/2013 @ 2:09pm EDT Said:

Why wasn’ Andre Hollins’ shot a 3? Replay clearly shows both feet outside the lime!!!!

5forfightingandagamemisconduct on 1/12/2013 @ 2:30pm EDT Said:

Well if Minnesota can’t block out the shooter at the line, something you learn in grade school, they deserve to LOSE!!

Doug on 1/12/2013 @ 4:16pm EDT Said:

yep minny fought back within 4 then commited the cardinal sin

kringlerk on 1/12/2013 @ 5:03pm EDT Said:

only think i have to say is that was the worst officiated basketball game i have seen in my 25 years of being a big ten fan. Indiana got every call it was kind of embarrassing to watch.