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Doug on 12/1/2012 @ 11:57pm EDT Said:

So the title is about the big ten championship, yet you have a pic of M vs NW, why ? staff on 12/2/2012 @ 12:02am EDT Said:

    Yeah, odd. Working on fixing that. Thanks for the feedback. staff on 12/2/2012 @ 12:04am EDT Said:

      Wait, I see what you saw. That’s the thumbnail for the video. Images of the season, as we say in the post. You should watch it. It’s quite good. The photo for the post is of a Badgers fan in a funny hat. It’s a photo gallery for the entire game. Enjoy.

Jeff in Nebraska on 12/2/2012 @ 2:07am EDT Said:

Congrat’s to B10 Champs Wisconsin 8-5(5-4) of the Leaders whippin my Favorite school Nebraska 10-3(7-2)Legend Div. Champs by the score of 70 to 31. As a fan I like to get chance in next year title game to rematch Badgers or Buckeyes to show that Nebraska just played another poor away game. Cornhuskers need to make some adjustment for these road games? Some changes needed as well. Wisconsin will have a tough time vs Stanford as will Nebraska vs Aggies or Bulldogs. Again this is an embarassing and depressing lost to all Nebraskan but will fight back.

Doug on 12/2/2012 @ 10:05am EDT Said:

Still funny you guys show M vs NW, should be Wis vs NEB staff on 12/2/2012 @ 11:33am EDT Said:

    Thanks, Doug. Clearly our “bias” shining through once again. Click inside the post and find dozens of Nebraska and Wisconsin photos from the game.

Doug on 12/2/2012 @ 11:54am EDT Said:

yeah that’s great, it’s like putting michigan on the front page of the paper and the neb vs wis game on the back page. at least you admit your michigan “bias”. staff on 12/2/2012 @ 11:58am EDT Said:

    Now we’re laughing. I’ll explain it again. We pulled dozens of photos as part of our coverage last night of Nebraska and Wisconsin. TV provided a very cool video of the “images” of the football season, and so we packaged them together because “images” go with “photos,” and this something we’ve done several times over the seasons. Web provides us pictures, TV provides us video. If you watch the video – and we hope you did – you’ll see every team featured in what was really a crazy season.

    Thanks again for the note, Doug. Always a pleasure.

Doug on 12/2/2012 @ 12:02pm EDT Said:

you’re welcome, you guys always have me laughing, of all the teams to pick, you guys pick michigan, i should quit being surprised, always a pleasure dealing with you guys

James M. Day on 12/7/2012 @ 5:31am EDT Said:

Putting Michigan and Northwestern in the cover photo for this page is nothing short of ridiculous, and weakens the reputation both of the Network and the Conference! staff on 12/7/2012 @ 10:33am EDT Said:

    James, thanks. Actually, the “cover” photo is a video with images of the last year. We packaged it with a humongous images gallery on both championship game teams. Thanks again for the note.