Video: Rutgers coach Stringer returns to Big Ten

C. Vivian Stringer, coach of the Rutgers women’s basketball team, spoke to BTN on Tuesday about the impact of her school’s move to the Big Ten Conference. Stringer is a Hall of Fame coach who spent many season leading the Iowa Hawkeyes women’s basketball team. Watch the video in this post.



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sbuel2 on 11/21/2012 @ 2:48pm EDT Said:

I wish you would put minimum effort into this site and have something like men’s football scores on the right side, b1G and NCAA rankings would be nice. Not too much extra effort on these minor site sports. I am sensitive about women’s sports since I played before Title IX where all Nebraska colleges who wanted to participated in a Nebraska league. I went to a NAIA college. Shoestring budgets but Nebraska Wesleyan did beat UNL in OT because our football coach’s daughter took a jump ball and shot a perfect 20 foot jump shot into UNL basket tieing the game. we went on to win.

Title IX was has offered Women tremendous opportunities and B2G women’s sports ahve some extremely strong prograsms and deserve recognition and a reliable site for true fans of sport to find minimal information for some NCAA ranked teams and champions staff on 11/21/2012 @ 2:55pm EDT Said:

    Sbuel, thanks for this note, too. We have an entire women’s scoreboard section here with stats, schedules, rosters and more. We invite you to look at it. We don’t have a scoreboard widget on the women’s basketball pages specifically because the company that tracks women’s basketball stats doesn’t offer one, but when they do, we’ll add it. As with volleyball, we offer quite a bit of video, too, as that’s a big part of our editorial focus. As well as streamed games. Again, appreciate the note.