Football Report: Big Ten's best defense?

Football Report: Big Ten's best defense?

Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State and Wisconsin, among others, all possess defenses that are compiling stingy numbers. Which unit is the best in the Big Ten, though? Before you blurt out “Michigan State!” realize that Michigan lands in the top 15 among FBS teams in five categories, including No. 1 in passing yards (1,162). Or that Penn State is ranked in the top 20 in four categories and Wisconsin two. Watch Howard Griffith and Chris Martin debate it now and cast your vote inside.

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There was an interesting back-and-forth during the analysts’ discussion, and it all started with Martin’s surprising answer. Read it below:

Martin: “Overall, the best defense, it’s still Ohio State.”

Griffith: “Really?!”

Martin: “Yeah, they’re the most athletic.”

Griffith: “What about the points they’re giving up, the yardage?”

Martin: “They do give up a lot of points, but they have the best personnel. They do. But everyone’s given up yardage this year in the Big Ten Conference.”

Griffith: “Oh, I don’t know if Michigan State’s given up yardage. I don’t know about that. Michigan State’s been really good.

“What about Penn State?”

Who’s your pick? Cast your vote!

Need stats to back up your selection? Here you go:


Defense (FBS Rank)
Yards: 2323 (7)
Passing Yards: 1162 (1)
Rushing Yards: 1161 (51)
Points per game: 17.3 (14)
Yards per game: 290.4 (9)
Touchdowns: 12 (8)
Field Goals: 13 (111)


Defense (FBS Rank)
Yards: 2422 (13)
Passing Yards: 1591 (27)
Rushing Yards: 831 (13)
Points per game: 15.0 (10)
Yards per game: 269.1 (5)
Touchdowns: 10 (3)
Field Goals: 17 (124)


Defense (FBS Rank)
Yards: 2691 (25)
Passing Yards: 1281 (8)
Rushing Yards: 1410 (79)
Points per game: 25.4 (55)
Yards per game: 336.4 (26)
Touchdowns: 21 (37)
Field Goals: 9 (57)


Defense (FBS Rank)
Yards: 3506 (87)
Passing Yards: 2501 (119)
Rushing Yards: 1005 (32)
Points per game: 24.1 (50)
Yards per game: 389.6 (61)
Touchdowns: 23 (48)
Field Goals: 12 (102)


Defense (FBS Rank)
Yards: 2601 (20)
Passing Yards: 1596 (28)
Rushing Yards: 1005 (33)
Points per game: 18.1 (18)
Yards per game: 325.1 (22)
Touchdowns: 16 (19)
Field Goals: 4 (5)


Defense (FBS Rank)
Yards: 2802 (35)
Passing Yards: 1829 (57)
Rushing Yards: 973 (27)
Points per game: 17.6 (17)
Yards per game: 311.3 (16)
Touchdowns: 20 (31)
Field Goals: 7 (28)

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