Week 8: We predict all six Big Ten games

Every week, BTN.com’s Brent Yarina (@BTNBrentYarina) and Tom Dienhart (@BTNTomDienhart) offer their predictions for each Big Ten football game. We also provide a poll for all of the games so fans can vote for their winners. After seven weeks, it’s Dienhart on top, one game ahead of BTN.com fans and three ahead of Yarina. See our Week 8 predictions and choose your winners in this post.

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Tom: 48-14; .774
BTN.com fans: 47-15; .758
Brent: 45-17; .726

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Purdue (3-3, 0-2) at Ohio State (7-0, 3-0) – noon ET, ABC/ESPN2
Tom’s pick: Ohio State, 55-13 – Are there two more diametrically opposed programs in the Big Ten? Of course not. The Buckeyes? Red hot. The Boilermakers? Ice cold. Yes, Ohio State’s defense has looked spotty. But it will look like a steel curtain on this day vs. a directionless Purdue offense.
Brent’s pick: Ohio State, 47-17Denard Robinson and Montee Ball have made running against Purdue look very easy the past two weeks, so one would be crazy not to expect Braxton Miller to torch the Boilers, too.

Minnesota (4-2, 0-2) at Wisconsin (5-2, 2-1) – noon ET, ESPNU
Tom’s pick: Wisconsin, 44-14 – The Badgers have it rolling, as the offense has come alive and rediscovered its right cross (physical ground game). Conversely, the Golden Gophers have looked sluggish on both sides of the ball in losing two straight. Swing that axe, Bucky!
Brent’s pick: Wisconsin, 38-13 – The Wisconsin offense is back on track, and now Montee Ball and company face a defense that’s surrendered an average of 195 rushing yards in two Big Ten games.

Michigan State (4-3, 1-2) at Michigan (4-2, 2-0) – 3:30 p.m. ET, BTN/BTN2Go
Tom’s pick: Michigan, 27-13 – The Wolverines will emphatically end four seasons of frustration vs. the Spartans. But it won’t be the offense that shines. Nope, it will be the defense that leads the charge.
Brent’s pick: Michigan, 24-20 – Yes, the Spartans have won four in a row in the series. And yes, their defense has had Denard Robinson’s number the last two seasons. That said, there’s so little margin for error the way Michigan State’s offense is playing.

Indiana (2-4, 0-3) at Navy (3-3) – 3:30 p.m. ET, CBSS
Tom’s pick: Indiana, 35-29 – The Hoosiers have come close the last two weeks vs. Michigan State and Ohio State. Indiana and its dynamic offense won’t be denied in its last non-conference game vs. a Midshipmen program that’s in transition.
Brent’s pick: Indiana, 38-33 – Talk about a difference in styles, Indiana figures to struggle against Navy’s deep rushing attack – go figure, right? But the Hoosiers’ fast-paced, throw-the-ball-all-over-the-field offense is prolific enough to outscore the Midshipmen.

Nebraska (4-2, 1-1) at Northwestern (6-1, 2-1) – 3:30 p.m. ET, ABC/ESPN2
Tom’s pick: Northwestern, 40-38 – Buckle up, folks! These teams will race up and down the field with their strong offenses. The difference? The Wildcats will make fewer turnovers and have the ball last. Evanston will erupt.
Brent’s pick: Northwestern, 31-27 – Both teams figure to find success on the ground, but I’ll take Northwestern’s healthy duo (Venric Mark and Kain Colter) and the offense that doesn’t put the ball on the turf with regularity.

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Penn State (4-2, 2-0) at Iowa (4-2, 2-0) – 8 p.m. ET, BTN/BTN2Go
Tom’s pick: Penn State, 21-17 – Don’t expect a lot of points, as each team has a solid defense. But the Nittany Lions have more playmakers on offense and a hot quarterback. Plus, Penn State defensive coordinator Ted Roof will have had two weeks to prep for a struggling Hawkeye offense.
Brent’s pick: Penn State, 26-20 – Take the way Matt McGloin already was running Bill O’Brien’s offense and give him a bye week to master it even more. That will the case Saturday night, so expect McGloin to be as sharp as ever- even against Iowa’s surprising strong defense.

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Dave Claman on 10/16/2012 @ 4:04pm EDT Said:

Tom, be…Iowa’s D shutdowns McGloin. Iowa wins 24-10.

O Bratland on 10/16/2012 @ 7:02pm EDT Said:

Wis. wins but less than 10 pt. spread.

Stephen on 10/16/2012 @ 7:48pm EDT Said:

Northwestern fan here. I must admit. I underestimated both the Penn State QB McGloin’s ability to keep drives alive and manage his offense. As well the lion defensive unit. Neither are beautiful but they are both better than they look. Beware Iowa fans.

Fazzer Sports on 10/16/2012 @ 9:19pm EDT Said:

Wisconsin Minnesota could get ugly…Badgers getting things in order..

ethanosu on 10/16/2012 @ 11:03pm EDT Said:

purdue has the weakest defense in the big10. braxton miller is going to walk all over them

Greg on 10/16/2012 @ 11:47pm EDT Said:

Iowa loses their leading rusher again (Weisman) … but year after year they face adversity and over come … never under estimate what Kirk Ferentz can do. Night game, Strong D on both Sides, … plan on a Vandenburg break out at home … Iowa wins 27-17

dan on 10/17/2012 @ 12:49am EDT Said:

I see what Indiana did against Ohio State and how everyone seemed shocked that the Spartans had to fight their way out of Bloomington. A one point lose to Ohio State by the Spartans and a tipped pass in Overtime against Iowa and it means to me that the Spartans are very able to handle themselves in Ann Arbor Saturday. I don’t know if they will win but Michigan will not have a walk in the park if they get the victory. My feelings………..State by a few.

K. John on 10/17/2012 @ 7:01am EDT Said:

This is one of those games that is a no win scenario for Iowa. They are simple outclassed in almost every way. Penn State has a superior offense, defense, speed, athletes, and coaching. They have the nation’s best front seven on defense led by the nation’s best defensive players in Mike Mauti. The only way Iowa notches a W is if Penn State loses the game because on Iowa’s best day, they can’t win. Their offense is terrible and their defense is over-rated. Look for a close game early with Penn State pulling away late.

Penn State 39, Iowa 6

Doug on 10/17/2012 @ 10:14am EDT Said:

Dan, I agree with you. MSU loses by 1 to OSU on a missed fumble call by the refs, they lose to Iowa by 3 in double O.T. on a crazy tipped pass, meanwhile Michigan beats not only the 2 worst teams in the Leaders, but probably the 2 worse teams in the big ten overall in Purdue and Illinois, and everyone thinks Michigan will blow out MSU even though MSU Owns Denard. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see MSU beat Michigan again.

Kelly Rumpel on 10/17/2012 @ 10:46am EDT Said:

Go BLUE!!!!

eric on 10/17/2012 @ 11:25am EDT Said:

Michigan will take out msu simply for the fact that msu defense is only ranked as good as they are against cupcake opponents they have played throughout this season. lesser teams in the bigten have exposed there weakness on defense and as a team everybody that has watch a game this year knows if you stop bell state has very few chances to win. I give michigan the edge here 28-6

Doug on 10/17/2012 @ 11:52am EDT Said:

Hey kelly come up with something new, go blue is old and tiring, as for eric:

MSU will take out Michigan simply for the fact that Michigan defense is only ranked as good as they are against cupcake opponents they have played throughout this season. lesser teams in the bigten have exposed their weakness on defense and as a team everybody that has watch a game this year knows if you stop Denard Michigan has very few chances to win. I give MSU the edge here 28-6

JDOmahawk on 10/17/2012 @ 12:15pm EDT Said:

K. John – Your prediction is misled. Penn State 39, Iowa 6??? Check the scores of Iowa games over the past decade, they don’t lose by 33 points to anyone regardless of ranking, record, anything. This game will be close.

Kelly Rumpel on 10/17/2012 @ 12:41pm EDT Said:

GO BLUE, GO BLUE, GO BLUE, GO BLUE, GO BLUE, GO BLUE, GO BLUE, GO BLUE, GO BLUE, GO BLUE, GO BLUE, GO BLUE, GO BLUE, GO BLUE, GO BLUE, GO BLUE, oh yes, did I mention, GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K. John on 10/17/2012 @ 1:29pm EDT Said:

Michigan will not beat Michigan State until they either find a quarterback that can throw the ball or Michigan State stops playing defense. Neither of which are going to happen this year. Look for Sparty to do to Robinson exactly what they did last year and what Alabama and Notre Dame did. They will keep him in the pocket and he will throw another five picks.

Kelly Rumpel on 10/17/2012 @ 2:59pm EDT Said:


Doug on 10/17/2012 @ 11:20pm EDT Said:

wow, kelly is really mature, you must have gotten your gear at walmart. K.John, nice to see some people here know what they are talking about ! Go BLOW ! SCREW BLUE !!

Here it is on 10/18/2012 @ 10:43am EDT Said:

PSU only has 1 good win in which NW pretty much lost the game… Iowa’s defense stifles an average McGloin on to a victory… Iowa 24-10

Michigan continues their improvement as MSU continues their downward spiral… Michigan 27-6

Doug on 10/18/2012 @ 12:02pm EDT Said:

here it is, you just guaranteed an 0-2 prediction, especially with those horrible scores

Maxwellisjunk on 10/18/2012 @ 10:11pm EDT Said:

Denard may not be a perfect passer,but maxwells 54% is pretty embarrassing. Denard is by far a better athlete and football player then any shartan spartan.

Jarrett Altland on 10/19/2012 @ 12:08am EDT Said:

dont think the psu iowa game is gonna be close iowa has a terrible off, especially now with weismann most likley out, psu def. has huge day picking off vandenburg. mcgloin has decent day tossing a couple td passes and rushing for another psu 27 iowa 10

Doug on 10/19/2012 @ 10:22am EDT Said:

hey maxwellisjunk, way to prove your are irrelevant. I like how you say Denard is an athlete cause he sure isn’t a QB. His passing game is far more embarrassing than any other QB in the nation, congrats. I hope you prepared yourself for his annual meltdown vs the mighty spartan defense.

Leo L. Doyle on 10/20/2012 @ 1:15pm EDT Said:

With this Iowa team, you can’t look at any of the stats and say for sure what will happen. Take last week. I got Iowa’s defense shutting penn state down and winning a close one, 24-21. On a side note, when I have picked my high schools games, I have either called the score exactly or been within a touchdown.

eric on 10/20/2012 @ 7:46pm EDT Said:

this is at Doug
. i was off on my prediction BUT….. what did i say if you stop bell you win the game GO BLUE

Doug on 10/20/2012 @ 10:44pm EDT Said:

hey eric, scUM beats a .500 MSU team on a last second field goal and they rush the field? wow, times really are hard in ann arrogance.

Justin Brosious on 10/20/2012 @ 11:46pm EDT Said:

To all u ppl that thought PSU would lose to Iowa well 38-14 isn’t a close game on my end and it could’ve been much worse