Mark Weisman: The Art of the Stiff Arm

Iowa’s Mark Weisman ran for 217 yards and three touchdowns in a losing effort for Iowa on Saturday, but several of his runs featured some amazing stiff-arm shoves. Watch three clips in this post including a powerful run up the middle where he just flattens the defender.

The run in the next clip may be less of a stiff arm but Weisman still uses his upper body to stampede into the end zone.


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Steve F on 9/25/2012 @ 2:43pm EDT Said:

Weisman is a hoss. Man can play. Ferentz is lucky to have found him.

Daniel on 9/30/2012 @ 5:04pm EDT Said:

Mark Weisman is awesome! Put in the hard work and now he is working people on the field, some of the most impressive looking power runs I can remember since Coker but think Weisman has better lateral move and a better understanding of using leverage and angle to push move or plow secondary players out of the way and the O-Line and Rogers are clearing the way.