Bowl Projections: Our Expert's List after Week 1

One week is in the books, but not much has changed in my Big Ten bowl projections (posted here every Monday). Remember: The Big Ten has tie-ins with eight bowls—and it has just 10 bowl-eligible schools, as Penn State and Ohio State are banned from the postseason in 2012.

Yes, Michigan lost on Saturday—but there was no shame in falling to perhaps the best team in the nation in Alabama. With the Wolverines being the lone Big Ten bowl-eligible team that tasted defeat—and, again, it was a quality defeat–I still think the Big Ten will be able to fill all of its bowl spots–for now.

I still have two Big Ten teams in BCS bowls. History says it’s likely to happen, as the Big Ten has had two teams in the BCS 11 times in the 14-year history of the system.

Here is my second look at where your school may be bowling over the holidays.

Little Caesars Pizza Dec. 26 MAC Ohio vs. Minnesota
Buffalo Wild Wings Dec. 29 Big 12 TCU vs. Northwestern
Meineke Car Care Dec. 28 Big 12 Baylor vs. Purdue
TicketCity Jan. 1 C-USA Southern Miss vs. Iowa
Capital One Jan. 1 SEC South Carolina vs. Wisconsin
Outback Jan. 1 SEC Georgia vs. Michigan
Gator Jan. 1 SEC Auburn vs. Illinois
Fiesta Jan. 3 BCS Nebraska vs. Oklahoma
Rose Jan. 1 BCS Michigan State vs. Oregon senior writer Tom Dienhart is a veteran sports journalist who covers Big Ten football and men’s basketball for and BTN TV. Find him on Twitter and Facebook, read all of his work at, and subscribe to his posts via RSS. Also, send questions to his weekly mailbag using the form below and read all of his previous answers in his reader mailbag section.

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Dave Opperman on 9/3/2012 @ 3:24pm EDT Said:

Serious? Bowl predictions after the first week? Some people just have WAY too much time on their hands that we don’t care about. staff on 9/3/2012 @ 3:28pm EDT Said:

    Thanks, Dave. We did them in the preseason as well as most of last season and they remain one of the most popular posts on the site. So we’ll keep them going weekly right up to the end of the season.

Dave Opperman on 9/3/2012 @ 4:07pm EDT Said:

Whose in charge of your programming schedule? Top qbs of the 2000s on a Labor Day after opening day? Doesn’t make me watch and isn’t that your whole perogative? staff on 9/3/2012 @ 4:13pm EDT Said:

    Thanks, Dave. You can actually send that question to the BTN Customer Service team. They have a whole section on that page where you can comment on TV programming, and they read every piece of mail that comes in.

Doug on 9/3/2012 @ 4:09pm EDT Said:

I like your picks after the first week. Not sure I agree with the quality defeat, any time you lose by 4 TD’s, it’s not real good, esp. since the score could have been a lot worse.

Luke on 9/3/2012 @ 4:18pm EDT Said:

Hate to do this to you Tom, but a little consistency would be nice. As a Husker fan, I’ll focus on them. In your power rankings yesterday, you had Nebraska at #5, which unless I’m missing something, means you think they’re the fifth best team in the conference. They play all the teams above them this year, implying that you think an 8-4 year for Nebraska is in the offing. Now you’ve got us in the Fiesta Bowl. What gives?

Marla Manarang on 9/4/2012 @ 2:42am EDT Said:

I don’t see that Texas Tech vs. Iowa game happening seeing as how Tech is in the Big 12, not C-USA. staff on 9/4/2012 @ 12:21pm EDT Said:

    Marla, you are correct. That was an editing error by us. We have since corrected the prediction, and please accept our apologies.

Josh on 9/4/2012 @ 1:09pm EDT Said:

Luke, you beat me to it. GBR!!!